Russian Peace Road Follows Poet’s Footsteps

A small group of dedicated bicyclists traveled 120 kilometers in the Russian Republic of Tatarstan as a Peace Road event.


UPF-Belarus Hosts River-Rafting as ‘Peace Road’ Event

UPF volunteers went river rafting for four days as a Peace Road event.


UPF-France and WFWP Discuss "UPF's Vision and Principles of Peace"

A diverse group from all over France gathered to study the UPF Principles of Peace.


UPF-UK Event Celebrates ‘One Human Family’

A diverse audience of 150 attended an interfaith service co-sponsored by UPF.


UPF-Estonia Co-Sponsors ‘One Korea’ Event

The fourth One Korea event combined football with a Peace Road walk.


UPF-Austria Holds Concert for Ukraine

The UPF event raised funds for school projects in Ukraine.




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Think Tank 2022


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Interreligious Association for Peace and Development

IAPD Inaugurated in Brazil

Brazil-2018-05-11-Interreligious Association for Peace and Development Inaugurated in Brazil

Sao Paulo, Brazil—A meeting of Ambassadors for Peace on “Building a Culture of Peace” and the inauguration of the Brazilian chapter of the Interreligious Association for Peace and Development (IAPD) took place on May 11, 2018 in Sao Paulo.

The event opened with welcome remarks by the emcee, which was followed by a prayer, offered by the Archbishop of the Anglican Catholic Church in Brazil Dom Altamiro Pereira do Amaral.

Rev. Sang Seuk Kim, regional chair of UPF-Latin America, gave the opening speech, and Mrs. Paulah Gauss sang the Brazilian national anthem.

A video about UPF’s activities around the world, including the convening of the Africa Summit 2018, which was held in January in Dakar, Senegal, and the global launching of the IAPD, was shown.

Fathers Antonio Maria and Eraldo Germano, both Catholic priests and well known singers, gave a musical performance.

Afterwards, the following dignitaries and Ambassadors for Peace gave short speeches: Dr. Pricila Menin, president of the Brazilian Women’s Party; Mrs. Adriana Ramalho, a Sao Paolo city councilor; Mrs. Rose Correia, a district mayor; and Mr. Nelson Marquezelli, a member of the National Congress of Brazil.

Dr. Simão Ferabolli, president of UPF-Brazil, spoke about the mission and principles of UPF’s Ambassadors for Peace project, the IAPD and the Latin America Summit that will take place in Sao Paulo from August 2 to 4, 2018.

Sao Paulo state governor, Mr. Marcio França, who was nominated as an Ambassador for Peace and who was unable to be at the event, recorded a video message, which was shown.

The Ambassadors for Peace nominees were called two by two onto the stage to receive award certificates.

Among those who were appointed as Ambassadors for Peace were

  • Marcio França, governor of Sao Paulo state;
  • Antonio de Souza Ramalho, a member of the Sao Paulo state parliament;
  • Daniela de Cassia Santos Brito, mayor of Monteiro Lobato city;
  • Sergio de Azevedo Redo, president of the Paulista Association of Printed Media (Associação. Paulista de Imprensa, API);
  • Tania Mary Gomez, president of Humsol (Instituto Humanista de Desenvolvimento Social) in Curitiba;
  • Bruno Hideo Omori, president of the Brazilian Association of the Hotel Industry–SP;
  • Claudio Fernando de Aguiar, president of the 33-PNM (Party of National Mobilization) in Sao Paulo state;
  • Carolina Mourão, activist and journalist;
  • Augusto Roberto Bonfa;
  • Paulah Gauss, singer, actress and public speaker;
  • Father Antonio Maria, Catholic priest and singer;
  • Jose Pedro Cornelio, president and founder of the NGO Apoio Brasil Institute;
  • Dom Isaias Joaquim Dutra, president of the CIPAM (Conselhor Internacional de Pastores e Minitros) group;
  • Pastor Jivaldo Batista Alves, president of the Pentecostal Church Gloria a Deus;
  • Pastor Luis Gustavo America da Silva, director and founder of the therapeutic community Conquista;
  • Jose Aprigio, president and founder of a cooperative in Taboao da Serra in Sao Paulo state;
  • Dom Altamiro Pereira do Amaral, archbishop of the Anglican Catholic Church in Brazil; and
  • Dom Ricardo Vicente dos Anjos, vice president of the Anglican Catholic Church in Brazil.

The program concluded with the signing of the IAPD resolution by all the religious leaders present.

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Community Activities for Peace Road Argentina 2023

Godoy Cruz City, Argentina—Peace Road Argentina 2023 is celebrated in three community events.

UPF-Peru Launches Peace Road 2023

Chimbote, Peru—UPF-Peru launched Peace Road 2023 with a massive walk for Universal Peace in the City of Chimbote-Province of Santa.

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Sydney, Australia—A monthly newspaper for the Muslim community in Australia has published an opinion piece by UPF-Australia’s vice president.