5th Anniversary of First Africa Summit for Peace

Celebrations were organized to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the historic Africa Summit.


IAPD-Korea Convenes Interfaith Prayer Meeting

The IAPD-Korea and Korean Religions Association convened the 39th Interfaith Prayer Meeting at the Kwang Myung Bambilia Church.


"Why Religions and Cultures in Dialogue Matter for Achieving the UN SDGs"

UPF co-sponsored a World Interfaith Harmony Week event at UN headquarters in Vienna.


UPF-Argentina Participates in "Let's Plant Trees: Let's Sow Peace" Campaign

An olive tree was planted during an indigenous people’s gathering to support peaceful coexistence with the environment.


UPF-Denmark Observes UN's World Interfaith Harmony Week

“Brotherhood Between Religions” was the theme of the UPF event.


UPF-USA in Washington State Holds Conference on Religious Freedom

A conference on religious liberty: “Religious Freedom: The Bedrock of All Freedoms,” was hosted by the local chapter of UPF. 




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International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace

UPF Honored by Dominican Republic Parliament

Dominican Republic-2021-07-19-UPF Given High Honor by Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic—On July 19, 2021, the Chamber of Deputies recognized UPF for its contributions to world peace. The event was held in the Danilo Medina Room of the Chamber of Deputies and was attended by deputies and UPF representatives based in Latin America, the Caribbean and the Dominican Republic.

The resolution commending UPF also welcomed the formation of the Dominican chapter of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP). It was received by Dr. Charles Shik Yang, UPF regional chair, and César Regalado, secretary general of UPF-Dominican Republic.

Among those present were Leonidas Belliard, representative for Latin America and the Caribbean; Bernardo Cruz, national director of the Family Federation in the Dominican Republic; Mrs. Yumiko Gómez, general secretary of the Women’s Federation for World Peace, Dominican Republic; Hope Matías Gómez, photographer; José Manuel González Quiros in charge of diplomatic affairs; and Maritza Jorge, UPF public relations. Opening remarks were given by the former deputy for the Bahoruco province, Hon. Rafael Méndez, who proposed the resolution. He was accompanied by Ana Mercedes Rodríguez, Ana María Peña, Rosa Hilda Genao, and Damaris Vásquez. The resolution was read by Verónica Contreras, president of the Group of Dominican-Korean Parliamentarians. Dr. Yang thanked the Dominican Republic leaders for their dedication and support for UPF, and expressed hope that the Covid pandemic would end soon. “Thousands of tourists are eager to travel to enjoy the beauty of our country,” he said. He also praised the management that the president has given to control the pandemic and care for the people. 

Chamber of Deputies President Alfredo Pacheco appreciated being able to contribute to such a noble cause and took the floor a second time when Dr. Yang and Deputy Rodríguez awarded him the Medal of Merit, given only to presidents.

The event was hosted by the renowned commentator Azize Melgen.

Below is a draft of the resolution, written by Hon. Mercedes Rodríguez, Deputy, Peravia Province (2020-2024).

Draft Resolution by Which the Chamber of Deputies Of The Dominican Republic Recognizes the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) For Its Contributions to the Construction of a Peaceful World

CONSIDERING FIRST: That the Constitution is governed by the supreme values and fundamental principles of human dignity, liberty, equality, the rule of law, justice, solidarity, fraternal coexistence, social welfare, ecological balance, progress and peace, which are considered essential factors for social cohesion;

CONSIDERING SECOND: That the Dominican Republic is a member state of the international community, open to cooperation and attached to the norms of international law, and consequently, on equal terms with other states, accepts an international legal order that guarantees respect for fundamental rights, peace, justice, and the political, social, economic and cultural development of nations.

CONSIDERING THIRD: The United Nations Peacebuilding Commission is an intergovernmental advisory body that supports peace efforts in countries emerging from conflict and serves as a key complement to the international community's capacity to promote world peace.

CONSIDERING FOURTH: In this regard, it is incumbent upon the House of Deputies to contribute to the creation of spaces for dialogue and consultation in which to present proposals aimed at overcoming violence and achieving peace and the well-being of the human family, based on the global objectives of sustainable development, in harmony with the environment and in favor of sustainable development;

CONSIDERING FIFTH: The UNIVERSAL PEACE FEDERATION (UPF), established on September 12, 2005 in New York by Rev. Dr Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon, as an international peace organization to work in collaboration with the United Nations, holds a World Summit Conference and other International Leadership Conferences (ILC) at the global and regional levels.

CONSIDERING SIXTH: That the UPF since its foundation has contributed to HARMONY and INTERRELIGIOUS DIALOGUE, when doctrinal differences are the cause of conflicts and wars, as is the case in the Middle East.

CONSIDERING SEVENTH:  the Middle East Peace Initiative (MEPI) has held more than 50 events in Jerusalem, Jordan and Cyprus, promoting interfaith dialogue and harmony among leaders of Judaism, Islam and Christianity.

CONSIDERING EIGHTH: That the THREE fundamental PRINCIPLES of the UPF are: INTERDEPENDENCE (Peaceful co-existence and collaboration), MUTUAL PROSPERITY (Promoting a community of prosperous nations) and SHARED UNIVERSAL VALUES (Promoting moral values that transcend world cultures, religions and ideologies).

CONSIDERING NINTH: That UPF promotes a system of CHARACTER EDUCATION based on universal moral values to prepare global citizens needed in today's world. This education promotes a CULTURE OF PEACE AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, encouraging young people to altruistic volunteer service in their own country and abroad.

CONSIDERING TENTH: That UPF promotes the strengthening of MARRIAGE AND FAMILY as the basic institution of society, as a school of love and life. Family education is based on the same universal moral values applied to the family environment.

CONSIDERING ELEVENTH: That the personalities recognized by the UPF as Ambassadors of Peace become the new members of the UPF. These Ambassadors are dedicated to promoting LEADERSHIP and GOOD GOVERNANCE in the nations of the world. Ambassadors of Peace come from various walks of life, such as political, religious, academic, NGO, sports, art and cultural leaders in general.

CONSIDERING TWELFTH: That the United Nations has granted the UPF special consultative status in its Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) because it promotes regional peace and security through Regional Councils in areas of conflict such as: the Balkans, the Baltic, the Middle East, Northeast Asia, South Asia and the South Caucasus.

CONSIDERING THIRTEENTH: That the UPF is represented in all the nations that are part of the United Nations, and complements the humanistic vision of the UN with a spiritual vision.

CONSIDERING FOURTEENTH: The UNIVERSAL PEACE FEDERATION (UPF) has initiated the formation of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) to promote concerted peace initiatives from parliaments within countries and throughout the world.

[The Chamber of Deputies] RESOLVES:

FIRST: To recognize the Universal Peace Federation for its contributions to the construction of a peaceful world, promoting interreligious dialogue, harmony based on moral values that transcend cultures, religions and ideologies of the world.

SECOND: To welcome the formation of the Dominican chapter of the International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP).

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UPF-Czechia Welcomes Mormon Speakers

Prague, Czech Republic—LDS leaders were invited to speak about their beliefs, practices and values.

UPF-Albania Honors Stars of Folk Music

Tirana, Albania—More than 200 prominent Albanians attended a UPF event titled “Art Always for Peace.”

UPF-France Holds 24th Scriptural Sharing

Paris, France—"Cultivating Generosity" was the theme of the monthly interfaith meeting.