UPF-Argentina's Peace Road Activities: “Connecting Argentina through Peace”

On November 13, 2022, UPF-Argentina held an online event featuring reports and videos on Peace Road 2022 activities.


UPF-EUME Co-Sponsors Family Conference in Albania

UPF and an affiliated organization held a conference titled “Family, Society and Universal Values.”


IAPD-USA Convenes Interfaith Prayer

The first Interfaith Prayer for the Nation and the World began on April 10, 2020, with humanity facing the threat of COVID-19.


UPF-Central Europe Hosts Symposium to Discuss Threats to Religious Freedom

“Religious Freedom: The Human Right under Attack” brought together human rights advocates from throughout Europe.


UPF-Spain Holds Peace Celebration to Start the New Year

The interfaith event was dedicated to the current situations in Ukraine and Iran.


2nd "Conference of Hope" Focuses on Threats to Religious Freedom and Human Rights

The 2nd "Conference of Hope" was held in South Korea on December 17 and live streamed to millions of viewers globally.




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Think Tank 2022


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International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace

IAPP Inaugurated in Marshall Islands

Marshall-Islands-2017-07-29-IAPP Inaugurated in Marshall Islands


Majuro, Marshall Islands—The International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace (IAPP) had its official inauguration in the Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI). The inauguration was conducted on July 29, 2017 in the Events Hall of the Marshall Islands Resort in the capital, Majuro.

There were about 21 participants, including two former presidents, a former first lady, a former vice president, one current minister and a vice minister, and current and former members of parliament.

The program began with Rev. Kenichi Ito, president of UPF-Marshall Islands, giving the opening remarks. He explained the background of IAPP and presented an introductory video about UPF.

The main address was given by Hon. Kessai H. Note, a former president of the Marshall Islands who is the co-chair of IAPP-Oceania. Hon. Note detailed his experiences at IAPP events in Nepal, Washington, D.C., and at this year’s UPF World Summit in Korea. He explained how IAPP is working for world peace and development and is effectively assisting nations such as RMI in efforts for regional peace and development.

Rev. Gregory Stone, the UPF regional secretary general for Oceania, gave a presentation on the UPF Principles of Peace, emphasizing the importance of integrating universal values within the school curriculum.

Rev. Ito then read the IAPP-RMI resolution statement and invited all the attendees to sign. IAPP-Marshall Islands was thus inaugurated. 

Hon. Kessai H. Note chaired an open discussion on the future of IAPP-RMI.

List of attendees:

  1. Kessai H. Note, senator, co-chair of IAPP-Oceania, president (2000-2007)
  2. Litokwa Tomeing, senator, president (2008-2010)
  3. Brenson Wase, senator, current minister of finance
  4. Anono Lieom Loeak, first lady (2012-2015)
  5. Witton Philippo, lawyer, former senator and vice president
  6. Phil Philippo, current vice minister of transport and communication, former director of the presidential cabinet
  7. Yolanda Lodge, lawyer, former chief secretary of the presidential cabinet
  8. Hilton Kendall, member of the constitutional committee, vice president of the RMI Development Bank
  9. Jien Lekka, member of the constitutional committee
  10. Jim Philippo, vice president of Tobolar (National Cocoa Company)
  11. Joe Talley, IT engineer, Persian Gulf War veteran
  12. Dean Lajedrick, Majuro local government official
  13. Clorida Philippo, national police officer
  14. Gregory Stone, secretary general, UPF-Oceania
  15. Kenichi Ito, president of UPF-RMI
  16. Claire Loeak, assistant to the former first lady
  17. Hon. Thom Kijinner, RMI ambassador to Japan and Korea


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