UPF-San Marino Hosts ‘Football for Peace’

Sixteen teenage boys from the Middle East took part in the “Football for Peace” project.


UPF-Switzerland Holds Riverside Peace Road Event

A group of UPF supporters bicycled along two rivers in northern Switzerland.


Summit 2022 and Leadership Conference: Executive Report

International leaders at the Summit 2022 and Leadership Conference affirmed their support for global peacebuilding and discussed ways to achieve world peace.


Europe-Middle East ILC2022: Executive Summary

The International Leadership Conference focused on Korean reunification and a global culture of peace.


Hundreds Bike for Peace at Berlin Peace Road

Peace enthusiasts from 50 nations gathered in Berlin for an international Peace Road event.


UPF-Russia Makes Eco-Awareness Fun

“Do you know your recyclables?” was the theme of a UPF competition.




Click here to learn more about the Think Tank 2022 and UPF's effort in the Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

Think Tank 2022


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Peace Tours

American Clergy Bring Peace Message to Ethiopia

A special delegation of American Christian leaders and Ambassadors for Peace arrived in Ethiopia to deliver the UPF peace message on November 8 and 9. They spoke to more than 1,200 people at eight events.

They arrived from various cities in America to Addis Ababa, which is not only the capital of Ethiopia but is also often called the “capital of Africa.” Addis Ababa historically has been an important city in Africa and now is the home of the African Union and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

Ethiopia is a nation of some 75 million people, and a high percentage of the population are youth. Therefore, many of events in Ethiopia focused on young people, primarily at colleges and other schools.

In Addis Ababa, events were held at the Fikere Salem Academy, Awolia College, Addis Ababa University, St. Mary’s University College, the Chamber of Commerce, and Kokebe Tsibah High schools. At these venues, each of the ministers on the team had the opportunity to deliver the peace message, offer a prayer of marriage blessing, and appoint representative key leaders as Ambassadors for Peace.

Two additional events were held in the city of Adama, which is about 100 kilometers from Addis Ababa. There Rev. Hideo Oyamada and Rev. Roach addressed audiences at the Rift Valley University College and the Adama Chamber of Commerce. They received a very warm reception, so much that the program participants did not want their international guests to leave.

Following are two special testimonies that illustrate the heart of the ministers and the spiritual breakthroughs taking place during this peace tour

Awolia College

Awolia College is an Islamic institution of higher learning with 3,000 students; it includes a hospital, orphanage, and spacious campus.  The event was attended by 100 students and faculty members.

Rev. Lorman Lykes was scheduled to deliver the main speech. The MC, Ambassador for Peace Mr. Atrsaw, gave a rather long introduction. At the end of his introduction, suddenly one of the elders in the audience stood up and shouted out that the US guests were “American imperialists.” He said that he had read the printed speech and called it an attempt at conversion. He demanded that all the students leave, and then stormed out of the room himself.

Understandably this created a very difficult atmosphere and awkward situation. Despite his attempt to break up the meeting, no one else in the audience left. Still the MC was nervous and concerned, and whispered to Rev. Lykes that he should cut the speech short so that everyone could leave soon.

As Rev. Lykes stepped to the podium, he decided that the disruption was not a problem, that this was a message of peace and true love from God, and that God would protect them. He focused on connecting to the hearts of participants in the name of Allah. He later testified that he as read the words he gained more and more power, until in the end he was pouring his heart into Father Moon’s words with tears.

At the end of the program, the visiting Americans went around and hugged everyone, and the room was filled with an atmosphere that all were members of one family, all brothers and sisters. The MC later commented that Rev. Lykes was correct in staying and putting his trust in God. Despite the challenges, the organizers all felt that this was a great victory, especially when they later understood that this is the most conservative Islamic school in Ethiopia. In the end, the event became a substantial step in overcoming barriers between people of different faiths.

"It is good and encourages able activity," said Mr. Samuel Wolde, an administrator. "God is the source of peace. If we love our God and obey Him, agree with Him then it is simple to agree and love my brother all over the world."

Mr. Filson Mohammed, a university student, commented. "I appreciate your efforts for creating peace around the world. Not only human beings but also God likes your effort. I like to advise you to continue your effort. But you should give more attention to those countries who suffer from lack of peace, such as Palestine. So please keep it up."

Kokebetsebah Public High School

Another amazing experience took place at our program at the Kokebe Tsibah Public High School. Four hundred students, faculty, and local leaders attended the event. The MC was Mr. Burahnu, and the main speech was delivered by Rev. Daryl Gray of Imani Family Church in Montreal, Canada.

Rev. Gray is a gifted and engaging preacher, with significant experience in key American civil rights institutions (for example, he served as media director for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, the main organization of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.). His introductory remarks made a big impression on the students, and they were quite engaged as he began to read the main message.

As Rev. Gray was reading the speech, he suddenly became quite weak and nearly fainted. He leaned over at the podium and asked Rev. Lykes to take over the reading. While Rev. Lykes read several pages of the speech, Rev. Gray took some candy and regained his strength. He then came back to the stage, determined to finish the speech. The students welcomed him back with enthusiastic cheers.

Rev. Gray resumed reading the speech, but unfortunately felt sick again, and almost keeled over. Rev. Lykes took over the reading again, as Rev. Gray sat with his head down. It certainly seemed that he was finished for the day. But Rev. Gray was determined to finish the speech, so as soon as he composed himself and regained his strength, he again went to the podium. This time he told the students, “The only way I can do this is if you help me. Please help me by paying close attention to this important message of peace.” At that the students clapped wildly and encouraged him to continue.

Rev. Gray finished the speech with power and determination, and then he got a standing ovation. When he received the flower presentation, he gave the flowers to the students and they loved it. Even the Coptic Orthodox priests in the front row were so moved. One of the priests who attended the program and received flowers came from the Patriarch's office. (Later Rev. Gray saw a doctor and discovered that he was suffering from low blood sugar levels.)

"The Ambassadors for Peace made a really a great effort in bringing peace in each country across the world," commented one high school teacher. "May God bless every one of you for the effort that you have been making! I always kneel down in front of my Heavenly Father and pray for my people in Ethiopia. Even though my country is not fortunate enough to see peace, love, affection, unity, and patriotism, I know that God’s hand is not far off! Please don’t make a habit of preparing meetings only for a few days! Do your level best in bringing peace for millions of destitute Africans who long to see children walking in peace and birds flying in the sky! May God bless you!"

Ms. Foziya Abdela, a student, said, "This conference is a good conference. I love it because I love peace, and all people in the world do too. I wish peace for all persons in the world. The most important thing in life is peace; without peace there is no love, no family, nothing."

Fikreselam Academy

(40 Participants, Coordinator- Mr. Bedilu):
Bishop Shireley W. Cotton    
Rev. Lykes

* I believe that the noble aim of the UPF would create cooperation, tolerance, mutual respect and understanding among people with different color, religion and culture. Peace starts in the heart and in the mind. It starts from the individual and family level. The events I have attended today would contribute to peaceful relation and the region of peace on earth, Thank you.
Mr. Sintayehu Tola (Deputy Head of Oromia Cultural and Tourism Bureau)

* Very interesting and unique program that brings the people of every nation to oneness thereby create peace and brotherhood.
Mr. Ahmed Mohamed (Peace Ambassador and the father of Ms. Africa)

* Dear Korean brothers and sisters may be you are the one to fulfill God's will that God has planned to our planet. I will present you in front of God in my prayer in group and individual. God Bless you. Dr. Biruk Zewdie (Orthopedic Surgeon, from Presbyterian Church of Ethiopia)

Addis Ababa University

(160 Participants, Coordinator-Ms. Yuko)
Rev. Ho-Jin Lee, MC Mr. Burahanu, Rev. Gray, Bishop Cotton, Rev. Tokuno, Rev. Hayes Ms. Yuko, and Rev. Ryoo

St. Mary’s University College

(140 Participants, Coordinator-Mr. Frew):

* I would like to say thank you for becoming my dream true. For all things that you presented as a very center of God, I like to say that I will be part of this Federation. I am begging you by the name of True Love. Love you all.
Mr. Samson Chaka (Information, Technique & Marketing)

* Oh my God! I didn't expect this kind of presentation. When I entered the hall and the presentation started, you members of the UPF touched my heart. I like your presentation about peace so much. I think peace starts from our own heart, and we will reflect it to others. You guys came all the way from the USA to present to us about peace. This is so great! Please keep in touch and I will pray that you, me, and the world in general will be filled with love.
Ms. Tegist Tassisa (University Student)

* The aim of the organization or the conference is the best way to make peace in world—not only peace in world but between nations, between people of different nationalities, and between family members. I really appreciate this program in our country. Thanks to all persons who made this program possible and for all who attended this program.
Mr. Endeshaw Teressa (Law Student)

Chamber of Commerce

(60 participants, Coordinator-Mr. Yoseph):
Rev. William Ephraim delivered the main speech    
Rev. Eiji and Mrs. Chizuko Tokuno offered the prayer of marriage blessing

I am happy to join Universal Peace Federation; I like the principles, aims, visions, purposes, dreams, and ethics of UPF. I want to be a member of this good will federation cause. I dream of world peace, unity, freedom, and happiness, and I want to make some contribution to UPF. I want to be a Peace Ambassador. God bless you.
Mr. Daniel Abebe

My reflection of today's session make me impressed by his excellence, director of UPF and Furthermore, Bishop Cotton and Rev. Ephraim's speeches about the kingdom of peace also motivated me to contribute for peace and stability in Ethiopia in the coming new Ethiopian millennium specifically, and world peace in general. Based on these facts, I would like to be an Ambassador for Peace so as to give hope to Ethiopians as well as the general humanity. To talk about peace is timely and crucial to save many people from violent conflict in various parts of the world.
Mr. Bereket Teklehaimanot

I understand that these wonderful ideas are the reflection of great thought. When someone projects a great thought, he/she must necessarily put big faith and effort in to it; such faith and effort can generate dynamic creature power. I think that this is what Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon did. Now, happiness lies through UPF for those who cry and for those who have searched. The source of happiness is peace and love. So, we have to work hard for the development of peace and love throughout the world.
Mr. Getachew Dadi (Radio Fana)

Rift Valley University College in Adam City

(253 participants, Coordinator- Mr. Hassan)

* What I saw and hear is very fascinating thing which I have been looking for, for a number of years. We have to work hard for peace every time through all our life. I want to address my deepest gratitude to the coordinator of this program and the member of all peace ambassadors for their work on peace. Thank you and may peace be upon you!
Mr. Gudeta Abe (Planning Expert /Manager)

* Peace is very important every where in the world. The different types of people’s activity like political, economical, social and cultural activities depend on the peace condition. No political, economical change or development without peace. UPF’s Idea is fantastic idea to develop peace throughout the world. We support and play major role to spread the objective of UPF.

Chamber of Commerce of Adama City

(103 participants, Coordinator- Mr.Hassan)

Rev. Oyamada, new Ambassador for Peace, Rev. Damon Roach and nd MC Mr. Hassan    
Adama Audience
* It is the first congregation I have ever attended in Adama to exhaustively discussing about peace of the world. So, it really impressed my heart. True loves only can maintaing peace for this world. I am interested in the discourse and willing to be peace Ambassador.
Mr. Bedane Bentulu (Extension Worker)

* The objective of UPF is to realize peace and stability all over the world regardless of race, religion, sex, and etc. To bring in to affect this global, ideal reality every body has a great responsibility and commitment. To end human suffering, Governments, religious leaders’ politicians have to shoulder this objective and make it practical. Continuity of conference is very important, otherwise, it creates gap which affects the objective of UPF.
Mr. Dawit Abera (Educational Planner) Deputy Mayor of Adama city

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UPF-Albania Conducts Youth Design Project

Tirana, Albania—UPF co-sponsored the project “Young People Co-Design the Cities and Future of Europe.”

UPF-Argentina Appoints New Ambassadors for Peace

Buenos Aires City, Argentina—UPF-Argentina appointed new Ambassadors for Peace during the monthly meeting.

UPF-Switzerland Holds Riverside Peace Road Event

Zürich, Switzerland—A group of UPF supporters bicycled along two rivers in northern Switzerland.