Peace Road Marathon Promotes Healthy Lifestyle for Youth

The supermarathon "Children against Drugs—I Choose Sport!" concluded after 1,150 kilometers.


UPF-Peru welcomes a New Ambassador on the Day of the Farmer

Mrs. Susana Patricia Silva Morales, president of the Asháninka Federation of Lower Urubamba, became an Ambassador for Peace on June 24, 2021.


Peace Road Participants Converge at Crossroads of Three Nations

Peace Road participants from Austria, Czech Republic, and Germany met atop a hill where their borders converge.


Asia-Pacific Interreligious Online Fellowship Honors a ‘Legacy of Peace’

An Interreligious Online Fellowship program, organized by UPF-Asia Pacific and the IAPD, honored the lives of 10 Ambassadors for Peace.


Bering Strait Tunnel and Inter-Continental Railway Proposed as Steps Toward Peace

Webinar participants were moved by the project’s peacemaking potential.


UPF Interfaith Program Promotes Reconciliation

UPF held a special interfaith meeting to counter the distrust between communities.




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Peace Tours

American Clergy Bring Peace Message to Togo

Eight American Christian leaders arrived from Benin at Hila Condji, on the Benin-Togo border on November 13, to deliver the UPF peace message in eight locations around the country. They were accompanied by the Sub-Region West Africa 1 leader, Rev. Zinsou Paterne.

After a welcome ceremony at the border organized by the traditional chiefs, the prefect of the region, the mayor, and some Ambassadors for Peace, the delegation left for the capital, Lomé, where they had dinner. Those who were scheduled to speak at events in the interior of the country left for their different cities after dinner.

On November 14, a rally took place in each city as arranged. After the rallies, the participants and visiting clergymen and women did not want to separate. Everybody was very happy and expressed great joy. In each city, the government was represented by the prefect, with the authorization of the Minister of Territorial Administration at the national level. Many political and religious leaders attended the events.

Afterwards, those who had gone to other parts of Togo returned to Lomé. The following morning, the Americans Rev. Paterne, some traditional chiefs, Ambassadors for Peace,  and the President of UPF-Togo were received by the Prime Minister of Togo. The meeting was very warm with a friendly atmosphere and lasted for 90 minutes.         

Here are some impressions the American clergy:

Rev. Ellis May III: "Togo is a fascinating country with warm and vibrant people. If I was doing a movie about culture with its many variations, Togo would be one of the first to be presented."

Rev. William Revely: "The people were wonderful, very friendly, courteous and kind. The reception was great, and I was made to feel special."

Minister Ahmon Mann: "Togo is a good place to start healing, with the wonderful partnership that started between UPF and Africa."

Bishop C. Phillip Johnson: "The participation by the religious and political communities was outstanding."

Bishop Donovan Rivers: "Togo is a country that I would like to help. The problems are many; people deserve to have health care, running water and drinking water. My goal is to help the people of Togo."

Bishop Rufus Okunubi: "The trips to the conference locations were exhausting, but it was impressive because I had the opportunity to deal with Muslim leaders. That was a special experience."

Pastor Cabbagestalk Jr.: "I was really impressed by the many people that I preached to when I was there."

Rev. Emma Lofting: "The sisters and brothers expressed their hearts to us, especially brother Raphael, who shared his home with us. Since our travel had been lengthy, what could be a better expression of love than that! Peace and blessings to all. I will remember the faces of people as they listened to the speech, particularly one of the attendees who wept."

To read a message delivered at UPF peace rallies, click here.

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IAED Explores Capital Ownership as Means of Empowerment

United States—On July 15, 2021, the International Association for Peace and Economic Development (IAED) sponsored a webinar on the topic “The Just Third Way: Universalizing Capital Ownership.”

UPF-Peru Honors UN International Day of Yoga and Appoints 34 Ambassadors for Peace

Peru—More than 350 participants joined the broadcast of a fórum celebrating the UN 2021 International Day of Yoga organized by UPF-Peru on July 2, 2021.

Webinar Explores ‘People to People’ Approach to North Korea

Oslo, Norway—Two representatives of humanitarian projects spoke about working to help North Koreans.