UPF-San Marino Hosts ‘Football for Peace’

Sixteen teenage boys from the Middle East took part in the “Football for Peace” project.


UPF-Switzerland Holds Riverside Peace Road Event

A group of UPF supporters bicycled along two rivers in northern Switzerland.


Summit 2022 and Leadership Conference: Executive Report

International leaders at the Summit 2022 and Leadership Conference affirmed their support for global peacebuilding and discussed ways to achieve world peace.


Europe-Middle East ILC2022: Executive Summary

The International Leadership Conference focused on Korean reunification and a global culture of peace.


Hundreds Bike for Peace at Berlin Peace Road

Peace enthusiasts from 50 nations gathered in Berlin for an international Peace Road event.


UPF-Russia Makes Eco-Awareness Fun

“Do you know your recyclables?” was the theme of a UPF competition.




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Think Tank 2022


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American Clergy Bring Peace Message to Cameroon

Eight American Christian leaders held peace rallies in Cameroon on November 12. These Ambassadors for Peace were unanimous in their vision for peace and commitment to spread the peace message of UPF Founder, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, to the world. The burning message on their lips was “God’s Ideal Family and Peace Kingdom,” and their goal was to bless families and nations.

The Cameroon chapter of the Universal Peace Federation organized a reception to honor them at the Coastal Beach Hotel in the resort town of Limbe (South West Province) on November 10. The local dignitaries of the town, many of them also Ambassadors for Peace, were on hand to receive them. These dignitaries included the Chancellor of Buea University, members of Parliament, the imam of the Muslim Community and other Muslim leaders.

The African-American pastors were touched to be back ‘at home’ in Africa. Carolyn Lincoln and Antonio Lowery sang the National Negro Anthem, saying that “the spirit world knows no color.”

Rev. Andre Jackson was the principal spokesman at the main rally, which took place in the main hall of the military headquarters in the center of Yaoundé. “I have come here to bring to you the love of Father Moon and Mother Moon, the True Parents of mankind," said Rev. Jackson. “I am his personal friend. I am his mouth piece. I am his ears. I am his eyes. If you want to know anything about Rev. Moon, come to me.”

The joy of the crowd of over 300 was reflected in the words of Dr. Njiyang Charles Fuche, a lecturer at the University of Yaoundé: “I am a Peace Ambassador too. Today the clergymen and women are on the front line spreading the message of peace; tomorrow will be my turn.”

In other cities, Rev. Carolyn Larabee of the Temple of Tucson Arizona University received a standing ovation from an audience at the Presbyterian Church in Makai (Center Province). Rev. Antonio Lowery, who read the speech at Sa’a (Center province), was so inspired by the quality of the audience that  he pledged to bring his family to visit that community.

Rev. Sharyn Bebeau of Archetypal Boulder Colorado Academy went to Douala to speak to 135 members of the Pentecostal Church. All the pastors who attended the rally in Douala promised to spread the message in their churches.

The Pentecostal pastor who hosted the Douala rally said: “A few months ago, when I was invited to join this peace movement, I was reluctant because I do not like pressure. So I replied ‘my time has not yet come.’ Today God has come in my house to call me. I recognize and accept the call.”

Rev. Alain Leroy of the Berkeley Family Church in California gave great inspiration in a Christian Church at Edea (Littoral Province) to 325 people. Rev. Betty Tatalajski of the Temple of Tucson University read the speech to 93 people in Limbe (South West Province). Rev. Carolyn Lincoln gave the speech to students in the University of Buea (South West Province), while Rev. Gilda Price shared the speech to 53 people in Buea Town.

The number of people hearing the peace message was 1,283; 38 new Ambassadors for Peace were nominated.

Comments by the visiting clergy:

Rev. Carolyn Larabee
“Go beyond what you could see with your physical eyes and consider the spiritual dimensions and benefits of what has happened in your lives this day.”

Mrs. Carolyn Lincoln
"As an officer of the American Navy, I devoted all my life to raising and taking care of my family. I made my husband what he is and helped my two children to become successful adults. I believe that the family is the base of the Kingdom of Heaven, and that is why I have come all the way here to discuss with the youth of Cameroon."

Rev. Dr. Gilda Price
"I appreciate the work that Father and Mother Moon are doing around the world to unite Muslims, Christians and Jews. With my husband, my three children and six grandchildren, I am dedicated to supporting the efforts of Father and Mother Moon. Despite being more than 70 years old, I wish to keep testifying to this work."

Rev. Alain Leroy
"I pray that the people of Cameroon can understand the painful heart of God working to bring real life to each one of us."

Rev. Antonio Lowery
“I came from USA to proclaim the word of peace. We cannot just live and preach aimlessly, without any substance. As it says in the Bible, 'A good tree bears good fruit, and you will know it by its fruits.'"

Rev. Betty Jeanne Tatalajski
“I believe that through Father and Mother Moon, things can change. Change is already happening. You are called to do the same in all the cities of this nation."

Testimonies from Cameroonian Ambassadors for Peace

Dr. Njiyang Charles Fuche, lecturer at the University of Yaoundé
“I am an Ambassador for Peace. Today the clergymen and women are on the front line spreading the message; tomorrow it will be my turn to be on the front line.”

Rev. Lenga,  pastor of a Pentecostal church
“The doors of my church are wide open to Rev. Moon's thought so he can inspire my people to make changes for the better in their life of faith.”

Rev. Ngi Mboua Issac, pastor of a Presbyterian church
“This is great day for our church. We have had the chance to receive the holy blessing, clean up our past, and start anew."

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UPF-Albania Conducts Youth Design Project

Tirana, Albania—UPF co-sponsored the project “Young People Co-Design the Cities and Future of Europe.”

UPF-Argentina Appoints New Ambassadors for Peace

Buenos Aires City, Argentina—UPF-Argentina appointed new Ambassadors for Peace during the monthly meeting.

UPF-Switzerland Holds Riverside Peace Road Event

Zürich, Switzerland—A group of UPF supporters bicycled along two rivers in northern Switzerland.