UPF-India Commemorates International Day of Peace with Online Campaign

UPF-India commemorated the UN International Day of Peace and International Day of Nonviolence with a 12-day online campaign in which more than 5,000 people took part.


UPF Supports Sudanese Peace Initiative and Juba Peace Agreement

The Juba Peace Agreement, an historic peace initiative between Sudan’s transitional government and several rebel groups, was signed on October 3, 2020, aimed at ending years of war in which hundreds of thousands have died.


‘Peace Road’ Event Held on World Walking Day

UPF and affiliated organizations staged a Peace Road event on World Walking Day.


Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations Webinar Looks at Organized Crime on an International Level: Part Two

The afternoon session of the webinar organized by the Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations on combatting organized crime and corruption had 100 attendees from 31 countries.


Founder’s Centenary and UPF Anniversary Celebrated in Hungary

One hundred participants commemorated the centenary of the UPF founder and the 15th anniversary of the founding of UPF.


UPF Co-Hosts Interfaith Program on United Nations Day

Speakers from many faith backgrounds joined a UPF commemoration of United Nations Day.




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Peace Tours

Peace Tour Builds UPF in Papua New Guinea

Mrs. Hak Ja Han Moon, her son Hyun Jin and daughter-in-law Jun Sook arrived in Port Moresby and were welcomed by Ambassadors for Peace and local leaders of UPF.

Dr. Chung Sik Yong, Mr. and Mrs. Giorgio Boin, and Mr. Ernie Ijsenbruk visited the Governor General, Sir Paulias Matane, the leading representative and acting head of state of behalf of Queen Elizabeth II. He received the group warmly and graciously. He knew a great deal about Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon already. He had been his nation’s first Ambassador to the USA, the UN, Mexico and Canada, back in the mid-1970s. He praised UPF and its work and paid honor to Father and Mother Moon.

The first part of the program, emceed by Rev. Enrique Ledesma, featured wonderful performance by local, traditional singers and dancers.

At 5:00 PM, the Governor General was introduced and delivered his welcoming remarks. He sincerely and warmly welcomed the speakers to Papua New Guinea and spoke of the need for interreligious cooperation, especially among Jews, Christians and Muslims. He praised UPF’s work to promote unity, harmony and peace, and for its efforts to bring peace in the Middle East.  He also recognized UPF’s emphasis on the family. [The Governor General and his wife celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary this year.] He encouraged the 600 members of the audience to commit themselves to the ideals of UPF and to spread those ideals throughout the nation. His remarks were very well received and added great dignity to the main event.

Prior to presenting his message, Hyun Jin Moon paid his respects to the Governor General and explained that the speech he was about to give represented the core of his Father’s teachings. He went on to present the Founder’s Address. The presentation unfolded easily, clearly and smoothly.  As he concluded, the Governor General, who had sat attentively throughout, came to the stage to present Hyun Jin with a special necklace made of the tusks of wild pig, an important animal in Papua New Guinea.

The audience remained attentive and respectful during Mother Moon's presentation. Once again, as her speech concluded, the Governor General came to the stage and presented Mother Moon with a special gift, the latest of the 37 books he has written. The prayer for blessing of marriage was celebrated with a high and warm and respectful spirit.

Following the main event, there was a reception for about 40 Ambassadors for Peace hosted by Dr. Yong, Rev. Ledesma and Mr. and Mrs. Boin. Several of the Ambassadors for Peace shared their experiences, quite a few of whom were meeting Mother Moon for the first time or learning about UPF for the first time.

To read a message delivered during the UPF peace tours click here.

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UPF Supports International Congress for Unity

Sochi, Russia—UPF was a main partner in the 1st Congress of the International Peoples’ Alliance of the World.

‘Peace Road’ Traces 1945 Death March

Steyr, Austria—Participants bicycled more than 400 kilometers from the Hungarian border to the Mauthausen concentration camp.

UPF-Lebanon Expands Aid Distribution to Second City

Tripoli, Lebanon—UPF-Lebanon held a second distribution of food and other items to needy families.