Peace Road Marathon Promotes Healthy Lifestyle for Youth

The supermarathon "Children against Drugs—I Choose Sport!" concluded after 1,150 kilometers.


UPF-Peru welcomes a New Ambassador on the Day of the Farmer

Mrs. Susana Patricia Silva Morales, president of the Asháninka Federation of Lower Urubamba, became an Ambassador for Peace on June 24, 2021.


Peace Road Participants Converge at Crossroads of Three Nations

Peace Road participants from Austria, Czech Republic, and Germany met atop a hill where their borders converge.


Asia-Pacific Interreligious Online Fellowship Honors a ‘Legacy of Peace’

An Interreligious Online Fellowship program, organized by UPF-Asia Pacific and the IAPD, honored the lives of 10 Ambassadors for Peace.


Bering Strait Tunnel and Inter-Continental Railway Proposed as Steps Toward Peace

Webinar participants were moved by the project’s peacemaking potential.


UPF Interfaith Program Promotes Reconciliation

UPF held a special interfaith meeting to counter the distrust between communities.




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Peace Tours

Peace Tour in Greece Addresses Social Issues

 Athens, Greece - The Global Peace Tour 2009 took place in the heart of Athens with a full evening program of entertainment, presentations on globalization, family, society and environment, and on UPF’s peace-building principles. Also presented was a letter of support received from the governor of Athens. The keynote address was read by Dr. Yong Cheol Song.

We are most grateful for the abundant support and multiple contributions of many Ambassadors for Peace and of the special adviser to UPF Greece, Mr. Shunichiro Yoshida, without whom we could not have held this event at such a place and so gracefully! The Old Parliament venue was very difficult to secure as it is reserved only for high-level individuals and organizations of prestige.

This neoclassical building which was the first permanent seat of the Greek House of Representatives from 1875 until 1932 and the place where the first Greek democracy was established 1924, became the place for holding our historical event. The Old Parliament now functions as the premier national historical museum.

There were several challenges to preparing the event, with the country in recession and the fever of upcoming elections, coupled with an unrelated labor demonstration taking place on the same day at the center of the city that threatened to turn violent.

Although the demonstrators had begun throwing stones and police started advising people to avoid approaching the place, more than 50 people gathered on time and others arrived just as soon as they could. Thanks to wonderful music played by one of our Ambassadors for Peace, the spirit stayed high.

We started with the reading of a letter of support sent by the governor of Athens, followed by opening remarks and the presentation of papers. As we were coming close to the end of the first session, finally three key people who had been delayed by the demonstrators arrived.

Among the participants were four representatives of embassies, one sub-mayor, eight university professors (current or retired), 23 representatives of NGOs, and one Buddhist leader. All presentations contained significant content. A young professor skilfully translated and summarized each speech without delay, and at difficult times our young technicians gave the right solution.

The day after the event, we received congratulations from the leadership of the Old Parliament with the comment," It was a very wonderful event! Congratulations!"

For the keynote address and more information about the peace tour, click here.


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ILC 2021 Session 4 - Looks at Role of Six-Party Talks for Future of Korean Peninsula

North America—The fourth session of the June 2021 International Leadership Conference for UPF’s North America region was titled “Prospects for Renewal of the Six Party Talks: Goals vs. Expectations.”

Japan: ILC Opening Session

Tokyo, Japan—The Opening Session of the ILC2021—Japan discussed Think Tank 2022 and ways in which Japan can contribute to peace on the Korean Peninsula.

UPF-Congo Installs New City Chairman

Brazzaville, Congo—UPF-Congo gathered in the International Congress Hall of Congo’s Congress Palace on July 8, 2021.