UPF Celebrates with Tocoists at Anniversary Event

UPF-was invited by the Tocoist Church to a special anniversary celebration.


ILC2021 North America Executive Summary

ILC2021 (July 13 & 27-29, 2021), webcast worldwide, was the second of three to be held this summer. This ILC was focused on Track II Diplomacy, humanitarian aid, NGOs and people-to-people engagement.


Asia-Pacific ILC 2021, July 7-8: Executive Summary

The Asia Pacific program of the ILC2021 convened from July 7 to 8 featured 50 speakers, including two former heads of state and parliamentarians, and drew more than 400,000 viewers.


Peace Road Visits Holy Sites

"Peace-Shalom-Salam Aleykum" was the motto of a Peace Road event co-sponsored by UPF.


Africa ILC: The Significance of Africa in Fostering Peace on the Korean Peninsula

ILC 2021 strengthened initiatives and offered perspectives on the road map towards peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula.


16 Knights Templar in Peru Become Ambassadors for Peace

UPF-Peru inducted 16 new Ambassadors for Peace from the Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem of Knights Templar.




Click here to learn more about the Think Tank 2022 and UPF's effort in the Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

Think Tank 2022


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Peace Tours

Peace Tour Inaugurates UPF in Georgia

Ragim Huseynov, former Prime Minister of Azerbaijan, gives the welcoming address.

Five hundred delegates packed the newly restored concert hall, Tbilisi State Conservatory Grand Hall, a classic and dignified venue for the inauguration of the Universal Peace Federation of Georgia.

The program began with entertainment by a group of Georgian singers who sang traditional songs of the region with beautiful voices. The music was enhanced by the perfect acoustics of the concert hall. Then a local Ambassador for Peace spoke about the work of UPF throughout the world and the region, giving emphasis on its potential for Georgia.

Traditional Georgian folk group “Varazi” perform three songs before the main program begins.The program opened with a toast to married couples. Master of Ceremonies Mr. Konstantin Krylov explained the central importance of marriage and family as the foundation of peace, reminding us all that Dr. Sun Myung Moon would give a peace message entitled, “God’s Ideal Family: The Model for World Peace.” He then read a letter expressing appreciation for Mr. Shevardnadze.

Father Moon delivered his address with great dignity and with a great focus, carefully reading each sentence to allow its full content to come alive. In this way, he restrained from further elaboration or commentary. His energy, passion, and desire to reach and touch human minds and hearts at every moment often call him to do. Reading the speech straight through, he enabled the message to be very well received, often expressed with spontaneous applause. The stage, the décor, the acoustics, and the spiritual environment all contributed to a very special evening, and a landmark moment in the history of Georgia.

The event included an invitation for couples to join in a world peace blessing toast of marriage rededication.

Georgia is largely Christian (Georgian Orthodox). It was the homeland of Josef Stalin, the seminary student who became the Soviet leader during World War II and who is usually depicted as one of the worst dictators in history.

Under the Soviet system, Georgia had enjoyed some fairly significant development, perhaps privileged not only by its climate and geography, but also by favoritism from its favorite son. Historically, Georgia has had many “kingdoms” and smaller territories within its borders. In 2004, after the end of the leadership of Eduard Shevardnadze, a contemporary of Mikhail Gorbachev, who had been an advocate of perestroika, a newly elected president allied himself with the US and holds some aversion to the Russian neighbors. U.S. President George Bush visited Tbilisi at the time of his visit to Russia earlier this year, signaling his affirmation of democratization in the region and a hint toward Mr. Putin to the North.

To read the inaugural peace message, click here.
To download a report booklet of the UPF Founders' 2005 World Peace Tour, click here.

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Overseas Albanians Honored

Elbasan, Albania—Leaders of the Albanian diaspora were honored in a ceremony in the city of Elbasan.

Webinar Explores "Change in North Korea"

North America—IMAP held a webinar on the topic, “Change in North Korea – What Has to Happen and When Might it Be?”

Peace Road: Czechs, Slovaks Meet on ‘Bridge of Friendship’

Prague, Czech Republic—Slovak and Czech participants in a Peace Road event met on a “bridge of friendship” connecting their nations.