UPF-India Commemorates International Day of Peace with Online Campaign

UPF-India commemorated the UN International Day of Peace and International Day of Nonviolence with a 12-day online campaign in which more than 5,000 people took part.


UPF Supports Sudanese Peace Initiative and Juba Peace Agreement

The Juba Peace Agreement, an historic peace initiative between Sudan’s transitional government and several rebel groups, was signed on October 3, 2020, aimed at ending years of war in which hundreds of thousands have died.


‘Peace Road’ Event Held on World Walking Day

UPF and affiliated organizations staged a Peace Road event on World Walking Day.


Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations Webinar Looks at Organized Crime on an International Level: Part Two

The afternoon session of the webinar organized by the Coalition of Faith-Based Organizations on combatting organized crime and corruption had 100 attendees from 31 countries.


Founder’s Centenary and UPF Anniversary Celebrated in Hungary

One hundred participants commemorated the centenary of the UPF founder and the 15th anniversary of the founding of UPF.


UPF Co-Hosts Interfaith Program on United Nations Day

Speakers from many faith backgrounds joined a UPF commemoration of United Nations Day.




See our Click here to view or listen to our new Webinar Program, UPF Peace Talks!


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Peace Tours

Peace Rallies Expand in Cameroon

Two distinguished Ambassadors for Peace from Korea, Mr. Choi Hyo Soon and Dr. Shin Tae Sung, arrived in Cameroon on March 23 for a peace tour event organized by the Universal Peace Federation.

On hand to welcome them at the Douala airport were local leaders who accompanied them for a snack at “Echo de Bonanjo.” The Ambassadors for Peace were then driven to the resort town of Limbe for the Welcome Party in the evening at the Coastal Beach Hotel.

At the Welcome Party were some Cameroonian Ambassadors for Peace and religious leaders from Muslim and Christian communities. From March 23 through 26, the two Koreans clocked five hours of journeys and spoke at six rallies which assembled altogether 455 participants. These rallies were held in churches, hotels, and public halls.

Mr. Choi held rallies in the towns of Limbe on March 24, Douala on March 25, and Sa’a March 26. Everywhere he spoke, he spoke of love and peace to all the Cameroonians. Dr. Shin held rallies in Buea, Edea, and Yaoundé. The highlight of the rally in Yaoundé was at the Hotel des Députés.

The Cameroon Parliamentarians who are Ambassadors for Peace had organized a very good reception for the Korean guests. At the rally proper the parliamentarians constituted half of the attendance of 100 participants.

A lady Parliamentarian, Hon. Meboka Catherine, spoke about a new beginning and eliminating the evils of the past. Dr. Shin said that though he cannot speak English well, he firmly believes that all nations will soon speak the universal language of peace.

The Korean Ambassadors for Peace left Cameroon with much happiness, promising always to keep Cameroon in their hearts as the first country in Africa that they visited and to remember the warm welcome from the Cameroonian Ambassadors for Peace.

To read a message delivered at UPF peace rallies click here.

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World Leaders and Millions around the World Call for Peace at Third Online Rally of Hope

Seoul, Korea—Viewers from 194 countries tuned into hundreds of broadcast stations and gathered online to call for peace among and between nations at an event sponsored by UPF.

UPF-Russia Webinar Explores Korea’s Future

Moscow, Russia—UPF held a webinar on the theme "Prospects for Peace on the Korean Peninsula."

UPF Webinar Brings Together Clergy From Four South American Countries

Asunción, Paraguay—On Saturday, November 7, a “Peace Talks” webinar was organized by UPF members from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay.