Celebration of UN Global Day of Parents in Peru

UPF-Peru, IAPP and Congressman Dr. José Alberto Arriola Tueros jointly celebrated the UN World Parents Day.


UPF-Paraguay Inaugurates the International Association of Academics for Peace

More than 150 people met in Asunción to inaugurate the International Association of Academics for Peace (IAAP).


UPF-Italy Holds Peace Event at Turin Book Fair

UPF-Italy held an event at the Turin International Book Fair titled "Paths for a Culture of Peace."


UPF-Austria Observes International Day of Families

UPF and two affiliated organizations jointly commemorated International Day of Families.


UPF-Albania Observes International Day of Families

Thousands of Albanians attended a festival in two cities called "The Family as the School of Love.”


UPF-Switzerland Holds Peace Cup Children’s Tournament

UPF and the local football club held the ninth Peace Cup children's football tournament.




Click here to learn more about the Think Tank 2022 and UPF's effort in the Peaceful Reunification of the Korean Peninsula.

Think Tank 2022


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Youth and Service

UPF-UK Youth Engage in Gardening Service Project

United Kingdom-2022-04-23-UPF-UK Youth Hold Gardening Service Project

London, United Kingdom—UPF volunteers held a one-day service project clearing a London charity’s garden.

The first Youth for Peace and Development (YPAD) service project to be held in London took place on April 23, 2022, in partnership with the STORM Family Centre in South London’s Battersea district. The charity was awaiting a big amount of fertilizer and needed an area cleared and made ready for planting.

STORM founder Marie Hanson MBE and her family really supported the UPF volunteers’ efforts, and two very friendly professional gardeners, Lou and Melissa, guided them during the day. Some of the UPF Young Achievers from several years ago attended together with young UPF supporters and new friends. Margaret Ali, Tim Miller and Robin Marsh were the Universal Peace Federation staff.

The program started with an orientation period with introductions, presentations and icebreakers. The icebreakers were led by Keldon Alleyne, who in 2010 was one of the first to receive a Young Achievement Award.

Tim Miller outlined the 30-year background to the YPAD service project, namely the Religious Youth Service. Marie Hanson welcomed the group and explained the role of the STORM Family Centre. Sagal Mohamed told about her experience of Ramadan, in which she was participating at the time. There was also an explanation of health and safety issues related to gardening.

After the gardening was completed, there was time for reflections and other presentations.

The purpose of the one-day project was to develop both experience and a small team who could be involved in later projects, the next of which was planned for July.

UPF-UK is grateful for all those who donated money during the Watford Fundraising Dinner to support these projects.

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UPF-Italy Inaugurates Think Tank

Bergamo, Italy—UPF-Italy launched a Think Tank with a talk on “Communication of Conflict and Conflict in Communication.”

UPF-Canada Continues Series: “Viewing the DPRK from Within” Part 3

Canada—The third program in a series entitled “Viewing the DPRK from Within,” was broadcast from Montreal, Canada.

UPF-Russia Webinar Discusses Arctic Transport Routes

Moscow, Russia—A UPF webinar discussed the potential of Arctic transport routes to connect East Asia with Europe.