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Service Programs

UPF-Ethiopia Assists Charity for Women and Children

Ethiopia-2015-11-01-UPF-Ethiopia Assists Charity for Women and Children

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia—UPF-Ethiopia visited the Muday Charity Association for needy women and children in order to offer aid and services.

The Muday Charity Association is a non-profit, non-religious organization that helps orphans and vulnerable women with their children who have been meeting ends through begging and prostitution to free them from dependency and help them become self-reliant.

The organization carries the name of its founder, an Ethiopian woman who felt the desire to help vulnerable women and orphans escape poverty by using the principle “Teach a person how to fish instead of always feeding a person with fish.” Muday herself is a woman desiring to overcome all obstacles to success in her vocation.

On the site of the Muday Charity Association there is a school from kindergarten to the 8th grade for orphans and single-parent children as well as workshop rooms for their mothers and other women.

Since the UPF visit of November 1, 2015, came within the framework of Service for Peace, nine Youth Ambassadors for Peace and six guests from different religious backgrounds were invited to be part of this action.

UPF first visited the classrooms and then the workshops where the mothers and needy women create handicrafts to support themselves. They concluded their visit by offering donations and proposing services. For example, Tong-Il Moo-Do martial arts leader Mr. Zenagebrel proposed their good will to help the children with tutoring and teaching martial arts.

And at last, the family photo as a memory of this helpful and so touching day of Service for Peace took place.

The UPF visitors learned the lesson that if there is a will, there is always a way to realize one’s dreams and desires. The Muday organization has existed for more than 15 years, and, despite all the hardships and obstacles, the founder never gave up her will to help and empower destitute women and children, with or without any support. She sacrificed not only her time but also her possessions to fulfill her responsibilities.

The UPF visitors spoke about UPF Founders Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon and their principles for peace such as “One Family under God” and “Living for the Sake of Others” by which it is possible to bring about reconciliation and healing for a better world. And indeed, Muday has been exemplifying the principle of Living for the Sake of Others by dedicating her whole life for the sake of needy women and children.

As Tong-Il Moo-Do leader Mr. Zenagebrel said, Muday has taken on her shoulders the burden of our societies. This is so inspiring and we really appreciate her call and works for a better society.

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