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International Day of Peace Celebrated in Peru

In the Congress of Peru, UPF held a forum on Sept. 23, 2014 in observance of the UN International Day of Peace. A second observance took place in Trujillo on Sept. 30.


At the forum in the Congress, the auditorium was filled to its maximum capacity of 350 people, and many late arrivals were not allowed to enter by the Congress Security Staff. The atmosphere was charged with a sense of eager anticipation as the guests waited for the arrival of co-sponsor Dr. Yonhy Lescano Ancieta, who rushed over from the nearly Lima Town Hall, where he had been meeting with trade union leaders.

In his opening remarks, he outlined some of the problems that Peru faces: juvenile delinquency, drug addiction and domestic violence, all of which he attributed to a lack of proper moral education. He expressed his desire to develop a good loving family and the constant effort that both he and his wife (who shared the platform with him) make every day to achieve this goal.

Dr. Charles S. Yang, UPF international chairman, who was visiting some South American nations, gave a keynote speech, which was warmly received. [for the text, click here.]

The Ambassador of Palestine came to the meeting with the specific objective of thanking UPF for all that it has done to promote a peaceful resolution to the conflict in the Middle East. He shared some of the speech that President Mahmoud Abbas had given in the US the previous day.

The next speaker, Dr. Antero Flores Araoz, president of the political party “Orden,” spoke strongly about the need for the UN to fulfill its role in the world and to not allow a few nations to dominate the situation. He also praised UPF for what it has achieved and the proposals it has made, especially the suggestion to make an interreligious council in the UN,

Peruvian ambassador and career diplomat Dr. Juan Alvarez Vita spoke clearly about the theme of the day – the right of peoples to peace – expressing his opinion as to how this can be achieved and his conviction that serious discussion and the study of history can help point out ways to achieve this goal of peace for all.

Following a brief musical interlude where a couple danced the “Marinara” – a popular Peruvian dance from the north of the country - 14 new Ambassadors for Peace were appointed, including a group of Evangelical Christian ministers.

Dr. Trevor Jones brought the meeting to a close, reminding the audience of the need to work together and of his desire to establish a Peruvian Peace Council that could bring a new dimension to the search for peace in the nation.

For video coverage [in Spanish] of the Ambassador for Peace appointment of Gen. Alberto Jordan click here.


UPF-Peru held a second event for the International Day of Peace with youth in the city of  Trujillo in the auditorium of the Agua Viva college. The school's principal, an Ambassador for Peace, offered the auditorium for the occasion, and the school's orchestra provided a musical interlude.

The Provincial Mayor of Trujillo, Dra. Gloria Montenegro, gave the keynote speech. Pastor Carlos Zavaleta, recently appointed Ambassador for Peace in Lima and president of the Christian churches of La Libertad, also spoke.

Two Ambassadors for Peace were appointed: Pastor Hector Marine Vega, pastor of the Living Water Christian Church, and Mrs. Marisol Velarde Campos, an officer of the La Esperanza municipal district..

International Day of Peace 2014 from Universal Peace Federation International

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