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Day of Peace Promoted in Russia at Sports Events

To commemorate the International Day of Peace, UPF-Russia organized “Run Hour” events on September 18 in Moscow, Nizhnevartovsk, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Rostov on the Don River, Vladivostok, and Yekaterinburg. Each city had its own way of organizing activities, even though everybody was un united centering on one goal. A "We Support Peace" run took place in St. Petersburg the same day. These projects promoted the ideals of the International Day of Peace as well as a healthy and moral lifestyle, family values, and cooperation. See also reports of Conferences and forums, school programs, and women's projects in observance of the International Day of Peace throughout Russia.

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About 30 people from different organizations gathered in Izmailovsky Park. There were Youth Ambassadors for Peace, representatives of different organizations promoting a healthy lifestyle, and the organization “Life without drugs.” Participants not only ran through the park but also gave out flyers encouraging people to adopt a healthy lifestyle and to forget about all bad habits and negative thinking for at least for an hour. They asked people to think and dream about peace instead, so that every person could contribute to the common work of strengthening world peace.


About 50 people of all ages participated in "Run Hour with a Sports Star” in Nizhnevartovsk. It was initiated by volunteers of the city center of volunteers “Youth Center.” Yevgeniy Makarenko, a member of the Russian team at the 2004 Olympics and former captain of the Russian boxing team, guided the program. Many people became very inspired by the event. Not everybody could run, but everybody was united centered on the idea of sports and health for the sake of peace and goodness on the earth.

Nizhniy Novgorod

Comments by two participants:

“I participated in a Run Hour with a goal to support the ideas of the International Day of Peace and to propagate a healthy lifestyle. When we were running, we saw people smiling while getting inspired. We hope to contribute to the process of creating a healthy society not only physically but spiritually as well. ” – Samat, 21 years old

“I just wanted to do something good, to show a good example to other people, and I believe that it can make some difference. Let people see that there is another side of life, that there are people, including our youth, who are happy living differently.” - Svetlana


The participants in a "Run Hour" event in Novosibirsk were distributing the message of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon asking people to organize different projects for their relatives and colleagues.

Rostov on the Don River

A "Run Hour" event took place on the banks of Don River. The participants were inspired that even through running it is possible to show our desire to create peace around us.

St. Petersburg

The northwest chapter of UPF-Russia joined the UN global campaign and that of advisory NGOs for peace and non-violence in celebrating the International Day of Peace with a run to support peace on September 18. The commemorative day was declared in 1982 as a global appeal to cease fire and stop violence in the zones of conflict. Usually on that day, educational, public, and informational activities in support of peace take place.

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The September 18 celebration in St. Petersburg started in the Sosnovka city park by with a run with the slogan “We support peace!” Among the participants were schoolchildren, students, and elderly people. They all accepted the slogan of the run and expressed their desire to support peacemaking ideas by their joining in. During the run, they were joined by citizens who were walking around (adults and parents with children) who shared the ideas of peace and non-violence.

Valuable support in preparing for the run was given by members of the Moscow chapter of the International Super-Marathon Organization, who not only participated in the running and involved others but also prepared the route, marked it with ribbons, and placed assistants at the turns.

There was a planned stop along the route at the memorial to air force pilots. Runners listened a pilot talk about the siege of Leningrad during World War II and how this very place was the runway for airplanes that fought against the fascists. The participants laid flowers at the memorial. Then they continued running.

At the finish, they received commemorative signs and certificates of participation. After that all together they went to the educational center located close to the place of celebration.

T.N. Krasnosumova, Secretary General of the UPF in Northwest Russia, chair of the Peace Council of Northwest Russia, and Ambassador for Peace, gave welcoming remarks and told about the International Day of Peace. The participants could learn in detail about the Universal Peace Federation and the International Day of Peace by watching a video clip “Ambassadors for Peace Movement.” Afterwards, the guests listened to the Declaration in support of the International Day of Peace that came from the head office of UPF-Eurasia.

The celebration was attended by representatives of the UPF partners who welcomed the guests; among the speakers were the chairman of the Association “Ichumbi,” Valence Maniragena, and a representative of the St. Petersburg chapter of the Super-Marathon Association, Gennady Valugin.

The comments by the participants in the “We support Peace” run, both students and adults, drew much attention. They mentioned that the run was good and interesting not only to the people around, but also it could make changes in the minds of the participants. Especially young people emphasized it, adding that they are ready to also join other UPF programs.

Then Alla Davydova, co-chair of the Northwest Peace Council and Ambassador for Peace, took the floor. She summed up the results of polling on the peace issue that was organized in St. Petersburg and in Pskov by efforts of Young Ambassadors for Peace

Mrs. Davydova said that the answers reveal inner world of people who answered the questions about peace, namely: What is Peace? Where does peace start from? What is your contribution to peace? Below are some interesting answers:

Pensioner, age 66

  1. It’s a harmonious state of mind without any traces of resentment, blame, and wrath. It’s only kindness, joy, and desire to bring light to each one you meet.
  2. Peace begins from me. It is the ability to hear, rejoice, bring smiles to everybody and always.
  3. I try to communicate through love and kindness with all people I meet every day. It means that I learn to accept everyone as he or she is, respecting his or her personality. When it’s needed I show compassion.

Student, age 17

  1. Grass, trees, rivers, mountains, animals, people, cities, and villages… all that is around us. Peace is a mirror; it reflects each one’s own image.
  2. Peace begins with my mother. Really, my world started with my birth that was given to me by my mother. It was her I saw when I first opened my eyes.
  3. I like flowers. I like everything clean, I never litter in the streets and always put trash into a garbage can. If on walking I see a candy wrapper, I pick it up and carry it to a litter box.

Pensioner, age 62

  1. Life without war.
  2. Peace begins with diplomacy, tolerance, and culture.
  3. I just love my city, my country, and respect people of all nationalities.

Psychologist. Age 28

  1. Peace is harmony between people and environment
  2. For me peace is life and birth
  3. I’ll give one more life to the world

A UPF volunteer, Evgeny Ostashenko, presented to the audience the autobiography of the UPF Founder “As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen.” All participants received a copy as a memento of the celebration.

Finally, the school orchestra of accordionists “School of Tomorrow Day” performed very professionally a number of pieces. The musicians received thunderous applause.


"Run Hour” relays was organized in Vladivostok on September 18 commemorating the International Day of Peace.


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