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International Leadership Conference

Americas Summit: A New Vision of Peace for the Americas

May 2, 2008

The Americas Summit in Washington, DC, April 28 to May 2, 2008, brought together 160 delegates from 32 nations in North and South America from Canada to Argentina and Chile to consider the challenges and opportunities for better relationships throughout the hemisphere. The conference participants included six former heads of state and government, four current speakers of the house, 27 congressmen and senators from different legislatures, members of the diplomatic corps, clergy from key faith traditions, and community, youth and women leaders.


In Peru, a Vision for Peace in the Andes

April 20, 2008

Lima, Peru - In the past few years, the UPF movement in Peru has focused on teaching administrators, teachers, and students at universities, colleges, high schools, and technical and vocational schools. They have in recent years focused on teaching at the nation’s leading pedagogical university.


Education on Family Values in Panama

April 17, 2008

Panama City, Panama - Panama and its 3 million people are finding new energy as a strategically important nation for uniting the Americas. The Central American nation is e strategic transportation link and a financial hub, but 40 percent of the population is poor and there are serious drug-abuse and moral problems among the youth. Because of this, many government and civic leaders are inspired to become Ambassadors for Peace.


Belize Youth Catch the Vision of Peace

April 13, 2008

Belize City, Belize - Dr. Hyun Jin Moon received a warm welcome from the acting mayor of Belize City and a handshake from Hon. Manuel Heredia, Jr., Minister of Tourism and Aviation and Hon. Erwin Contreras, Minister of Economic Development and Industry – both dedicated Ambassadors for Peace.


Leadership Conference in Korea: From a Museum of War to the Palace of Peace

April 7, 2008

SEOUL, KOREA - The 320 Ambassadors for Peace from 91 countries participating in an International Leadership Conference experienced a dramatic lesson in the history of the Korean peninsula.


Conference in Paraguay Calls for Development and Peace in the Americas

February 29, 2008

Asunción, Paraguay - Calling people to become “transformers of their societies,” Neil Bush, brother of US President George W. Bush, joined distinguished leaders at an International Leadership Conference February 27-29, 2008, in Asunción, Paraguay.


International Leadership Conference Held in Uruguay

January 29, 2008

Montevideo, Uruguay - An International Leadership Conference under the theme “Toward a New Paradigm of Leadership and Governance – Latin America and the World,” took place in Montevideo Jan. 27-29, 2008.


Martin Luther King III Addresses Leadership Conference in New York

September 22, 2007

Martin Luther King III, the eldest son of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., appealed to more 400 leaders of the Universal Peace Federation gathered in New York City to make a new commitment to fulfilling the dream of peace.


Peace Education and Fishing in Alaska

September 5, 2007

More than 120 people from 26 nations visited Kodiak to hear presentations on world peace and participate in the Peace King Cup fishing tournament


Leadership Conference in Alaska - My First Trip to Heaven

September 3, 2007

As a new Ambassador for Peace I was honored and excited to be invited to my first International Leadership Conference.


Sri Lanka Government Partners with UPF in Leadership Conference

August 6, 2007

The Sri Lanka Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs in collaboration with the Universal Peace Federation held a ground-breaking conference in the parliament Aug. 5-6, 2007, that set a new level of cooperation between governments and UPF educational initiatives.


Leadership Conference in Seoul Focuses on Paradigms for Peace

July 20, 2007

Seoul, Korea - At an International Leadership Conference in Seoul, South Korea from July 17-20, the more than 300 participants including 20 senior diplomats as well as religious, academic, and media leaders discussed new paradigms for peace.


Japanese Delegates Gain Insights on Peace at Hawaii Conference

June 21, 2007

Japanese participants in the June 17-21, 2007, International Leadership Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii, gained new insights and hope for promoting world peace.


Seeking Signs of Peace at Conference in Hawaii

June 21, 2007

When the Reverend Sun Myung Moon visited Hawaii on March 17th he spoke of a spiritual alignment of heavenly fortune and pronounced that the time was right for a new effort for peace for all humanity. He predicted a vast, civilization-changing movement beginning not in the old capitals of Europe or the conflict zones of the Middle East but in the Pacific Rim nations and their 5 billion people.


Diplomats Gain Insights about Leadership in Washington DC

June 3, 2007

One hundred and fifty ambassadors, counselors, and other members of the diplomatic corps from the United Nations and Washington, DC, joined the Universal Peace Federation and The Washington Times Foundation's International Leadership Conference.


Washington DC Conference Drafts an Interfaith Roadmap toward Peace

May 17, 2007

"I wish I could tell you that the problem of the Middle East has been solved," said Mr. Taj Hamad as he introduced a panel on "Toward a New Roadmap for Peace in the Middle East" during an International Leadership Conference in Washington DC May 17, 2007.


Leadership Conference in the US Offers Perspectives on Culture Wars

May 17, 2007

The three themes of faith, family and service intertwined through the presentations during Session II of the International Leadership Conference in Washington, DC, on May 16, 2007.


Speakers at Washington DC Conference Pass on the Dream of Peace

May 15, 2007

Inheriting and carrying forward the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and educating people for peace through the media, schools and at home were the dominant themes of the opening plenary of the International Leadership Conference in Washington, DC, on May 15, 2007.


Ambassadors for Peace Seminar in Korea

April 6, 2007

Yong Pyong, Korea - More than 200 Ambassadors for Peace gathered in Yong Pyong, Korea, for a three-day study of the core values and principles of the UPF and its founder’s vision, looking for answers to the deceptively simple question, “Where does peace begin?”


Celebrating the First Anniversary of the Founding of UPF

September 14, 2006

Seoul, Korea - The Universal Peace Federation Assembly, entitled “Peacebuilding and Human Development: The UN and Beyond,” convened in Seoul, Korea from September 10-14, attended by over 400 delegates from 140 nations.