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Dialogue & Alliance

Dialogue & Alliance: The Challenges of Multiculturalism in Europe and Russia

Dialogue & Alliance - A Journal of the Universal Peace Federation
Vol. 27, No. 1, Spring 2013


Peace and Security in Multicultural Societies, by Dr. Thomas G. Walsh, President, UPF International

Need for New Models of Interfaith Dialogue in a Multicultural Climate, by Imranali Panjwani, Tutor and Ph.D. Candidate in Theology & Religious Studies, King’s College London, UK

Peace and Security in Multicultural Societies, by Hon. Nicolae Tau, Former Foreign Minister, Moldova

Migration Trends and Integration Strategy in Austria, by Michael Platzer and Claire Laurent, Academic Council of the United Nations System, Austria

Population Growth and a Multicultural World, by Dr. Walter Baar, Director of the Institute for Trends Research, Austria

There Is No European Dream Without Russia, by Dr. Walter Schwimmer, Former Secretary General, Council of Europe

From a Culture of Conflict to a Culture of Peace, by Dr. Robert Vandemeulebroucke, Former Belgian Ambassador

Peace and Security in Multicultural Societies: Russia and Europe, by Dr. Willem F. van Eekelen, Former Minister of Defense, Netherlands

Towards a Rebirth of the New World Order, by Mr. Ali Rastbeen, President, Paris Academy of Geopolitics, France

Capacity for Otherness in Pluri-Identity Societies, by Dr. Walter Lichem, Former Head, Department of International Organizations, Foreign Ministry, Austria

How Europe Can Contribute to Peace, Security, and Good Development, by Dr. Werner Fasslabend, Minister of Defense, Austria (1990-2000)

Europe and Russia: Partners in a Globalized World, by H.E. Sergei Nechaev, Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Austria

Multiculturalism in Europe and Russia: Theory and Practice, by Prof. Irina Borisovna Orlova, Professor, Institute of Social and Political Research, Russian Academy of Sciences

How the Assembly of the Peoples of Russia Promotes Peaceful Relations, by Prof. Sergei Kuchinsky, Chair of the Executive Committee, Assembly of the Peoples of Russia

Moscow’s House of Nationalities as a Ground for International Cooperation, by Dr. Nikolai Komarov, Director of the Moscow House of Nationalities, Russia

Interfaith Hospitality at Dublin’s Lantern Center, by Dr. Michael Murray, Director, Lantern Center, Ireland

Challenges and Opportunities Posed by Europe’s Muslim Population, by Hon. Marion Pedersen, Former Member of Parliament, Denmark