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Ambassadors for Peace

Constitution Day Meeting Held in Moscow

Russia-2019-12-12-Holiday-Themed Meeting Held in Moscow

Moscow, Russia—In its final meeting of the year, UPF-Moscow invited Ambassadors for Peace and others to a celebration of the Russian public holiday Constitution Day.

The meeting, which was held on December 12, 2019, in the Moscow Peace Embassy, also included a summary of UPF achievements of the past year.

In his opening address, the chair of UPF-Moscow, Dmitry Samko, emphasized that the Constitution of the Russian Federation is the main state document and the main source of the national legal system. It defines the social goals: what ideas and values the society considers vital for its existence and development; what types of relationships between a person, society and the state are considered correct and desirable.

After this talk, an unusual teleconference was held between the meeting participants in Moscow and a prominent citizen of Nur-Sultan, the capital of Kazakhstan. Bakhytkhozha T. Rustemov, the president of the NGO known as International Elite Union of People's Diplomacy, greeted the audience in Moscow and congratulated the Russians on their Constitution Day. In turn, UPF awarded Mr. Rustemov an Ambassador for Peace certificate by means of video communication.

Another new Ambassador for Peace that evening was the founder of the Golden Pen of Russia project, Alexander N. Bukharov. His fellow writer Svetlana V. Savitskaya, Ph.D., reported about the project’s activities in 2019.

The UPF regional secretary general for Eastern Europe, Konstantin Krylov, gave a presentation about the five principles of peace on which UPF relies in its work and its vision; about the scope of international projects of 2019, as well as about big plans for 2020.

At the end of the meeting, especially active Ambassadors for Peace received special diplomas for their personal contribution to peace, friendship and mutual understanding between people.

Finally, there was a ceremony of handing an Ambassador for Peace certificate to the actress, singer, television personality, and philanthropist Sara Oks.