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South Caucasus Peace Initiative

Seminars and Consultations in Tbilisi

Tbilisi, Georgia - A visit at the end of October by Mr. Jacques Marion, Secretary General of UPF-Eurasia, offered opportunities for seminars and consultations with government officials about UPF's approach to peacebuilding.

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Presentation on "The Philosophy of Peace of the Universal Peace Federation"

In collaboration with the administration of David Aghmashenebeli University, UPF-Georgia held a presentation on October 26 about the philosophy of UPF attended by 25 students and Ambassadors for Peace. Mr. Marion shared about the global vision and the guiding principles of the Universal Peace Federation and stressed that peace is an essential quality that should characterize all relationships. The family is the school of love, where people learn to love each other and care for each other, where through relationships with our parents, siblings, children, and spouse we learn the principles of relationships with other people. Building a world of peace is possible only by solving the problems of the family.

Seminar on "The Family: A New Paradigm of Peace and Peacemaking"

UPF-Georgia organized a seminar on The Family: A New Paradigm of Peace and Peacemaking" on October 27, attended by Ambassadors for Peace and youth activists. The meeting was held at the office of Ambassador for Peace Nodar Sarjveladze, chairman of the Foundation for the Development of Human Resources.

Mr. Marion gave presentations on the ideal of marriage and family, the importance of lineage, character development through four realms of heart, the origin of conflict, and the loss of love, life and lineage by the human ancestors. At the beginning of the meeting Mr. Marion shared about the memorial services in Korea for the founder of UPF, Dr. Sun Myung Moon, and his achievements in various fields.

Meetings with government officials

Mr. Marion and the Secretary General UPF-Georgia, Vitaly Maksimov, met with several officials on October 29, organized with the assistance of Ambassador for Peace and former director of the Department of Foreign Economic Relations of the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade of Georgia, Vilen Alavidze. Conversations explored opportunities for peace projects in the South Caucasus and participation of Georgian representatives at the World Peace Summit to be held in Korea in February 2013. The Minister for Reintegration of Georgia, Paata Zakareishvili, spoke about the Ministry's plans for restoring relations with Abkhazia and South Ossetia and expressed support for the future cooperation in the implementation of joint peacebuilding projects.

Another meeting took place with Mr. George Volsky, Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Conflict Resolution. The two sides shared their vision on conflict resolution and results of their work and agreed to cooperate.

Mr. Marion also spoke at a program in observance of UN Day. For details click here.