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Q. Khanson: Ideal World for God and Humankind

Ideal World for God and Humankind

by Imam Qamrul Khanson


An ideal for every human may differ for each person, yet when the ideal of God is taken as the guiding priority, it becomes an easy path to establish what the ideal is for us humans. Only I can change my life; no one can do it for you. Meaning, I, as an individual, you, as an individual, must initiate and set an intention to make a change within. What happens to us without doing anything is just 10 percent of you. What happens to you when you take command of yourself is the rest, the 90 percent.

Infuse your life with action by recognizing God who holds the key of idealism. Don't wait for it to happen by itself. Make it happen because you are born with a mind to gain knowledge. You are born with a heart to get the guidance, and you are born with a body with physical tools to act and achieve. Make your own decisions through these resources within to create an ideal living for you. In the process, while making your own hope with realities, you will find your colleagues on the path with like mindedness to join hands, resources and companionship.

Whatever your beliefs and convictions may be, honor your Creator, Lord, the God, not by passively waiting for grace to come down from upon high, but by doing what you can to make grace happen by yourself, right now, right here on the planet Earth while you are still alive to reap the fruits of guidance from your own Creator, Lord, the God. If you are convinced of what has been just spoken, then you are on the path to the ideal world which God planned for you, your family, your tribe, and your nation. In the process you will be congregating with all of humankind to make this world ideal under one God. 

The World of Oneness

The world of oneness is the desire of all humans who revere God as the sole Creator and savior of this universe and we humans in it. The ingredients of unity are endowed all over, yet we humans hardly ponder with the knowledge God has given to us in order to achieve the ideal world of oneness under one God.

Unfortunately we humans have had enough distractions from Satan and its evils and we humans are so overwhelmed by it we hardly agitate within to shed the dark coating in our heart, mind and body. If we did, then we would realize that human consciousness (mindfulness/Taquwah) within is the main tool by which we could march towards achieving the goal of the ideal world. In order to invoke our inner consciousness, we must be equipped with right knowledge from the divine to move ahead righteously. Thus Almighty God's teachings center upon the conscience, which urges all inclined people to “strike, strike and strike your body through mind in order to get the guidance from Almighty in your heart by which one would start towards the goal.” 

Importance of Inner-self

All religions including Islam teach that inner-self (Nafs) plays a vital role. Inner evil-self (Nafs Ammarah) incites you to do something, which is lucrative for a short term, but regrets you in a long term. Do not do what your body desires due to the influence of inner evil-self. This is called self-sacrifice, which forms the important principles in Judaism, Christianity and Islam, in fact includes all spiritually motivated transformations in all religions.

Religion teaches us to deny what inner evil-self (Nafs Ammarah) wants and offer devotion that gives us strength to reap the mercy of God. When such a sense develops within us, then we must understand that our inner-self (Nafs) is being transformed into inner conscious-self (Nafs Laouvwamah). This has been the role of knowledge, which we learn from the divine, which is the backbone of our strength against Satan and its evils.

The role of marriage, family, tribe and people is in line when it is conforming to the principles, which the Almighty desires to establish oneness in conviction, actions and achievements to institute the ideal world. Because of such a principle, the Almighty sent down prophets, messengers, nobles and wisemen, who preached and inculcated the knowledge to let the people intentionally seek and get the guidance. According to biblical and Islamic references, since the time of Adam, almost 124,000 prophets were sent to counter Satan and provide leadership to people who made a choice to stand on the side of God—yet the mission was not completed. 

Only a United World Realizes God's Ideal

Selflessness is the basic ingredient in achieving God's ideal. A movement that teaches and practices the principles of serving the world, in the fold of selflessness, for the sake of God's love, is a movement bound to succeed on the path to God. Such service to humanity shall flow freely beyond national borders and remove the psychological barriers  which we humans have created all around us. Indeed, this world would come to ruin unless we became supportive of human rights beyond our own family, tribe and nation. First, strengthen your own convictions with the kind of sustenance to face challenges, then, extend hands and support to nations who deserve God's mercy and support without any precondition, except love and facilitation to realize God's ideal. Optimism in God is the faith that leads to achievement by utilizing our mind, heart and body. Nothing can be done without conviction, hope and confidence in what we envisage by deeds.

We need to become individuals, families, tribes, and peoples of all different nationalities living in Canada to establish an internal unity of purpose and unity in God. Such a task can only be brought forward by a believer and by believers in a monotheistic God. This task needs to be carried out through the joint efforts of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions and all religious people, so that realization of one God is conditionally relied upon. The purpose of God is to establish in the mind of humans that there is no deity but Almighty God. Let us not forget that in pursuit of God's ideal, the person standing before you has had to walk the path of much persecution before he/she could be where he/she is today.

I, as a Muslim, invite all religious denominations to cooperate with the other to establish God’s sovereignty in our lives. If God chooses, His Almighty would establish such sovereignty in us with a blink of the eye or less, but, the Almighty wants us to work for it to facilitate us so that the ideal world is established. 

Establishing the Ideal World

Love to God is in obedience to God. In order to achieve the ideals of God, a Muslim abides by the text of the Quran, a Christian abides the Gospel, a Judaic abides by the Book of Moses and a Unificationist abides by the Family Pledge as mentioned in Pyeong Hwa Gyeong (the Holy Scripture of Cheon Il Guk.) The common ground among us is to achieve the ideal of God and human beings united in love; respect through absolute faith in God; and absolute obedience to God, and to perfect ourselves in His teachings so as to achieve heavenly abode by centering upon true love by which we live with the freedom of learning, living and supporting.

In order to live in a multicultural and interreligious atmosphere, the communities should look beyond their disciplinary, religious and mindset boxes and view the world as one family under God. To conclude my topic of the day I would like to recite a beautiful and motivating verse from the Quran which is for all humans, Muslims and non-Muslims.

"O mankind! Worship your Lord (Alloh), Who created you and those who were before you so that you may become Al-Muttaqoon (mindfully conscious of God). Who has made the earth a resting place for you, and the sky as a canopy, and sent down water (in the form of rain) from the sky and brought forth therewith fruits as a provision for you. Then do not set up rivals unto God) in worship) while you know (that He alone has the right to be worshipped).” [02:21-22]

Let us take benefit of youthfulness before old age. Religious responsibility starts from the beginning. Appreciate your youthfulness. Do not spend your prime life in wrongdoing. Inability in childhood, mischievousness during youth and weakness in old age should be transformed into wholesomeness to become an ideal within you so to reap the fruits in this world and certainly in the hereafter.