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I. Odinga: Address to the International Leadership Conference

Remarks at the UPF International Leadership Conference
Seoul, Korea, February 6-10, 2011

I am honored to be here as a participant in the International Leadership Conference of the Universal Peace Federation. We are studying about Rev. Moon’s vision of peace and the principles he has taught throughout his life.

The French novelist and philosopher Victor Hugo once said that “More powerful than an invading army is an idea whose time has come.”

Rev. Moon and Mrs. Moon, their ideas, and the movement they have created are indeed more powerful than any invading army.

They have led the way in the promotion of interfaith dialogue, knowing that peace among religions is necessary for there to be world peace.

They have no peer in the advocacy of the ethics of living for the sake of others, and service to God, family, nation and world have been their trademark.

I truly believe that with their vision and leadership, within ten years, we can transform the entire world.

People committed to that vision and the ideal are ready to work with them to end poverty, disease, family breakdown, violence and war, and to bring about the world of God’s original ideal.

I hope that one day soon, my husband and I can welcome them to our beautiful country of Kenya.

Thank you very much.