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M. Kiwan: Who Is Our Brother?

The human condition does not distinguish between religion, sex or color. We are all children of Adam, and he was of the soil. On this basis, societies and organizations have been established in the world to help the weak, the poor and the homeless. In this way universal brotherhood is demonstrated. God said in the Holy Qur’an that He created all people, brothers and sisters, from one soul.

We have come here from all the religious groups in Israel – Jews, Muslims, Christians, Druze – with one thought and for one purpose: peace.

When our group first met at the airport we felt that we have known each other for many years, the feeling that comes from the soul and permeates through the body, the corpus. We are working hard to achieve this goal of peace in our country and for the Middle East and the entire world.

Our land is the land of peace. It is the temple, the birthplace of the Messiah, the place through which the prophet Mohammed passed, the Western Wall and the home of Jethro in Tiberias. Brothers and sisters, God demands that we make peace among ourselves. Speak only that which is good. God forbids us from disparaging others just as He forbids murder and bloodshed.

Because the human being is a godly construction, cursed is he who spoils it. Also, the prophets said, “You shall not be believers until you love your brother as yourself.” And so all believers must be brothers. So who is your brother? The child of your community or your land; my brother is the child of my land.

Islam forbids all terrorist acts and declares peace and tranquility for all in brotherhood. In this world of modern media, we have all come to be inhabitants of the same house. I wish to say to you that we in Israel have succeeded in establishing a number of societies that organize meetings and seminars for the public of all denominations. Because of notices by e-mail, thousands come and tens of thousands express their support. Only by meetings, and by a meeting of the heart, can we solve our problems.

[Source: Islamic Perspectives on Peace. Tarrytown, NY: Universal Peace Federation, 2006.]