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See our Click here to view or listen to our new Webinar Program, UPF Peace Talks!

Instead of our usual UPF International hosted webinar on Friday, the first Peace Talks in June will feature UPF Latin America and the Carribean's first Peace Talks:
Latin America in the Era of the Covid 19 Pandemic: Challenges and Opportunities
on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020.
To join this next Peace Talks Webinar, please click here to register!

The video of UPF Africa's first Peace Talks is available on UPF-Africa's YouTube here.
To learn more about UPF Africa's next Peace Talks, please click here to find their flyer and registration page.

UPF is happy to announce the launch of "Peace Talks", a web-conferencing program series which we believe will provide timely and significant content across a wide spectrum of interests that will inform, stimulate and expand capacities of our global UPF network.

As the series begins, we envision programs that fit into several categories:

  • Expert Speakers Series: features leading experts in their field who speak to specific topics
  • UPF Regional Programs: features a focus on topics and speakers directly related to one of our UPF Regions
  • UPF Association Programs: features a focus on topics and speakers directly related to one of our pillar Associations of UPF: ISCP, IAPP, IAPD, IMAP, IAED, IAAP, and IAFLP as well as close partners such as WFWP/GWPN, YSP/IAYSP, etc. 
  • UPF Friends/Partners Programs: features presentations from officials and representatives of major partners such as various offices of the United Nations, major interfaith organizations, major intergovernmental organizations such as the EU, ASEAN, African Union, major NGOs, etc.
  • UPF Capacity-Building Programs: features programming aimed at upgrading capacities of all UPF leaders and volunteers, addressing topics such as fundraising, strategic planning, data-base development, administration.

Questions for panelists may be sent by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

For the program we are using  ZOOM Webinar. If by chance our webinar reaches full capacity you can still participate by going to our YouTube channel which can be access by the following link:

 Our Most Recent Episode of Peace Talks:

Peace Talks 7 - Challenges and Prospects for Peace in the Holy Land: A Conversation during the Time of Covid 19


Full Playlists:

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Want to view a specific speaker or panelist's message? 
View the PeaceTalks messages playlist here:


View the full audio playlist here:

Topic 1: A Circle of Light: Moving Through and Beyond the Coronavirus Crisis

Topic 2: Governance Challenges in the Era of the Coronavirus

Topic 3: The Role of Parliamentarians in Addressing the Coronavirus Crisis

Topic 4: Prospects and Challenges for Peace on the Korean Peninsula in Light of Recent Developments

 Topic 5: The Covid 19 Crisis and its Impact on Families

Topic 6: USA, China and International Relations in the Post-Covid Era: Cold War or Rapprochement?

Topic 7: Challenges and Prospects for Peace in the Holy Land: A Conversation during the Time of Covid 19



UPF International and Regional Peace Talks Webinar Reports

Click Here to Read More Reports about our Peace Talks Webinars

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