Peace Tours 2005-2007

Peace Tours

American Clergy Hold Peace Rallies throughout Mali

Christian ministers from America arrived in Mali on November 10 and were welcomed at the Niuma Belleza Hotel. The next day they visited some of the well-known Ambassadors for Peace who helped organize the peace rallies. Seven rallies were held in seven different towns.

In Bamako, the capital of Mali, the main rally featured Archbishop G. Augustus Stallings, Jr. This rally was supported by two high leaders, Ambassadors for Peace Cheikh Cherif Ousmane Madani Haidara, a charismatic and popular religious leader in Mali; Soufi Adama Yalcoué; and Seydou Diakité, also known as Waraba Chatcho. They mobilised 3,000 of their members to attend the event.

The other six rallies were held in  Segou, Koulikoro, Koutiala, San, Bougouni and Kati. Speakers were Archbishop Alfred A. Adelekan, Sylvia McConico, Greg Odlin, Byron Filus, Annette Dorothy Dixon and Patricia Slabaugh. There were between 50 and 120 participants at each rally.

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