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Peace Education

Conference on Asia’s Role in Global Peace Held in Thailand

Thailand-2015-06-29-Photos-Conference on Asia’s Role in Global Peace Held in Thailand

Bangkok, Thailand—An Asian Leadership Conference (ALC) on the theme “The Role of Asian Nations for 21st Century Global Peace,” took place in Bangkok, Thailand from June 25-29, 2015.  

Of the 21 participants, sixteen were from Malaysia, three from Vietnam, one from Pakistan, and one from Thailand.

The content of the program focused on the Principles of Peace, based on the teachings of UPF founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

The emcee was Mr. Yutaka Yamada, a representative of Family Federation for World Peace (FFWPU) Malaysia. Dr. Lek Thaveetermsakul, vice chair of UPF-Asia, welcomed the guests and encouraged them to study hard. Dr. Robert Kittel, director of education of UPF-Asia, along with Mrs. Ursula McLackland, secretary general of UPF-Asia, were the main presenters.

Dr. Chung Sik Yong, chairman of UPF-Asia, also spoke. During the two presentations he gave, many of the participants cried. One participant said his presentations were “Simply amazing.”

The participants danced and sang songs, and wrote heartfelt reflections, in which they shared their experiences and made suggestions for future conferences (some of the reflections follow this report).


“This education program…taught me how to love people and how to forgive those who have made mistakes against me…the give-and-receive theory influenced me a lot.”

Thuy Thi Thanh Dao
Educational Consultant, Aramis Development Ltd. Company (Vietnam)

“These are great ideas for the promotion of peace and interfaith harmony…We need to promote these ideas via the media as well as through social activities.”

Naqvi Shahzad Hussain
General Secretary, World Sadat Council (Pakistan)

“Very touching and inspired by the sharing of how hardships can change [oneself] to be a new, stronger person… those following [Dr. Moon’s] footsteps are like polished diamonds.”

Jamila Bibi Abd Basah
Entrepreneur & Retired Headmaster (Miri, Sarawak) (Malaysia)


“This program needs to start in primary school…[Ultimately], gather all leaders and have them attend this seminar.”

Betty Lias
Teacher (Malaysia)

“Have more programs locally and abroad so that young people, as well as adults, can learn these important family values.”

Sebastian Deveraj
Karate Instructor (Malaysia)

“Organize more conferences of this nature, not only for leaders but also for youth.”

Alexander Kadir Dato
Businessman (Sibu, Sarawak) (Malaysia)

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