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Russians, South Koreans Renew Friendship on Bridge of Peace

Russia-Korea-2015-04-23-Russians, South Koreans Renew Friendship on Bridge of Peace

Moscow, Russia—More than 100 UPF leaders, members and Ambassadors for Peace from Korea and Russia came together as friends at a Bridge of Peace ceremony.

The symbolic expression of Russian-Korean friendship was held at the Eurasian Peace Embassy in Moscow on April 23, 2015.

Twenty-six representatives came from South Korea, led by UPF-Korea President Son Byeong Ho, Ambassador Jeong Tae Ik and UPF-Korea Secretary General Song Gwang Seok.

Eighty individuals comprised the Russian side, led by UPF-Eurasia Regional Chair Jin Hwa Chung; Professor Vladimir Petrovsky of the Far East Federal University of Russia, a senior advisor to UPF-Russia; UPF-Eurasia Regional Secretary General Konstantin Krylov; and Vladimir Arsenkin, an honored veteran of both the Second World War and the Korean War.

UPF-Eurasia Regional Chair Jin Hwa Chung greeted the guests from South Korea. In his welcoming address he reflected on the historic relationships between the Korean Peninsula and Russia.

Until the beginning of the Russian-Japanese War, Russia and Korea held very deep international relationships, he said. Finally, he emphasized that right-wing and left-wing political movements are destined to merge, centering on the "headwing thought" advocated by UPF Founders Dr. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon.

The program featured a Russian cultural performance by the Angels of Peace, a concert group of Russian children. The Korean guests were touched by the traditional Russian songs and dances—and especially when the Russian children performed the Korean song “The Beautiful World.”

Finally it was time for the high point of the evening: the Korean-Russian Bridge of Peace, the ceremony of brotherhood and sisterhood. From opposite sides of the stage, UPF-Korea President Son Byeong Ho and UPF-Eurasia Regional Chair Jin Hwa Chung came together as the first pair of international “brothers.”

Then one by one, each of the 26 Korean Ambassadors for Peace met their brother or sister from among the Russian Ambassadors for Peace. After each international “pair” shook hands, hugged and exchanged gifts, they were given certificates and had their photo taken. Such an event symbolically brought Korea and Russia into unity and allowed the citizens of the two countries to become closer in heart.

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