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Peace Education

Songs and Dances Touch Hearts at Moldova Peace Festival

Chisinau, Moldova - Crowds of local citizens and guests flocked to the Leogrand Convention Center in downtown Chisinau, the capital city of Moldova, on November 14 for an evening of entertainment and socializing in support of the common goal of peace.

Beginning with a few words by Ronald Koonce, the night started with the message that music is the connector of all people, with help from a few words by John Lennon. Then, the entertainment began. Local stars came out to perform and have a hand in peacebuilding, including vocalists Olga Ciolacu, Natalia Barbu, Nelly Ciobanu, Aura, and Janet Erhan. Each provided music and songs with a positive message and briefly explained what this opportunity meant to them. Dances from all over the world were showcased, thanks to several local dance studios whose talented dancers performed. At one point, they offered a traditional Moldovan folk dance to reinforce the national pride that uniquely characterizes the people of Moldova. Other artists, including Natalia Proca, Surorile Osoianu, El Radu, and Iulian Pusca, also showed their support for the evening.

Dr. Katsumi Ohtsuka’s speech was met with great interest and enthusiasm from those guests hearing for the first time about the need for religious people to come together as a universal family to establish a peaceful world. His presentation was followed by a special group of women who sang an inspiring rendition of the Moldovan national anthem Limba Noastra, which had a powerful emotional impact on the crowd.

Finally, all performers gathered together on stage with candles to sing the finale, “One Family under God,” in a spectacular display ending in a touching moment with four doves being released into the air as audience members applauded.

It was evident that this event could have involved many more people, since the large hall was filled to capacity with excited people, internationals and locals alike. Speaking personally as a foreign participant, while the language was not understood, the message rang clear. It transcended national borders, religions, and personalities, which is the true example of peace. Hearts sang louder than words and, in a place that is divided, a time was created when all could come together.

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A.F. IRFF ONLUS Moldova offers special thanks to all partners and supporters of the festival: Uniunea Naţională a Studenţilor şi Tineretului, Centru Republican pentru copii şi tineret; Radio Antena C; Mişcarea Republicană "Pedagogii pentru Pace şi Înţelegere Reciprocă"; International Relief Friendship Foundation; Radio Singera; Asociaţia Internaţională Pentru Educaţie din republica Moldova, IRFF Italy Onlus Adozioni a Distanza; UPF; World Tong-Il Moo-Do Federation, Moldova; IEF International branch in Moldova; Tinerii Schimbă Lumea; Federaţia Familiilor; Asociaţia Tineretului Studenţesc CARP; Centru de zi Speranţa; Nezavisimaia Moldova; Riverston SRL, Leogrand Hotel & Convention Center; “Jacobsan” SRL; “Policolor” SRL; Confort SRL; Pandor.

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