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Character Education

Character-Building Programs in Kenya during 2008

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. However, in this year of 2008, we did much more than what is shown in the following array of photos. We simply were not able to post all that we have done. We are proud to say that with moral support and resources, we can accomplish a great deal in the field.

We are grateful to all who have supported us in ways great and small. If we can do this much with so little, imagine what we could do with a lot!

We look forward to the day when our country upholds the fundamental universal principles that undergird character education as the beginning of social reform. We will continue to strive to promote this, and we believe that, with continued support, we will see this dream become a reality.

Arthur Oyange
Program Coordinator

March 2, 1008
• 140 former service men/women attended
• The training focused much on peace through character building after post-election violence.
• These generated much interest for subsequent Kenya Veterans for Peace Seminars
• Venue: Peace Embassy house

March 8, 2008
• 21 stakeholders attended including youth representatives.
• Consultative forum for character education stakeholders
• Objective: To build consensus on the need to educate for character.

April 25, 2008

• One-day youth character leadership seminar
• 100 youth leaders attended.
• Theme: Emerging Young Leaders for Integrity.
• Objective: Promote integrity as a core value in leadership.
• Venue: Peace Embassy house

May 9, 2008
• 3 senior social workers
• Objective: Influence the social work training curriculum to include character education.
• Venue: Peace Embassy lecture hall

May 16, 2008
• 120 church elders attended a two-day character education seminar in Kisii district – 400 km from capital city.
• Objective: To help parents and church appreciate character education as a key component of raising youths
• Venue: P.A.G. church

May 25, 2008
• One-day youth seminar
• 70 community youth leaders attended.
• Theme: Character and youth entrepreneurship.
• Objective: to enhance performance character in all income-generating activities.
• Venue: Eastleigh P.C.E.A. Community Center

June 5, 2008

• Olosile High School
• The entire school attended.
• Theme: Sexuality and character
• Objective: to empower students to be socially responsible on issues of sexuality.
• Venue: School main hall

June 14, 2008

• Two-day workshop for Administration Police
• Theme: Healing and Reconciliation: Post-Election Violence
• Objective: To boost peace and reconciliation efforts through character development.
• Venue: Hotel Royal Spring

July 4, 2008

• 10 university students
• 2-day training on drug abuse prevention
• Objective: To enhance capacity in fighting substance abuse on campus through character building.
• Venue: Peace Embassy house

July 12, 2008

• Nairobi River cleaning
• 0ver 3,000 youths participated.
• It was in partnership with other local community-based organizations.
• Objective: Service to the community

October 2, 2008
• A seven-day residential seminar
• 62 participants attended.
• Theme: Peace and Character Education Workshop
• Objective: Enhance reconciliation efforts
• Venue: Sasamoto Training Center

October 10, 2008

• Half-day character talk
• High school students
• Areas of focus: drugs, sex, conflict
• Objective: Response to school rampage
• Venue: Kasukei High School

October 31, 2008

• 2-day workshop
• 20 community counselors attended.
• Theme: Character education for positive community membership.
• Objective: To empower community counselors to address the need for character development.
• Venue: Peace Embassy house

November 1, 2008

• 13 Somali students attended the one-day seminar.
• Theme: Peace through tolerance
• Objective: To boost ongoing efforts for peace in Somalia.
• Venue: Peace Embassy house

November 2, 2008

• Kenya Power & Lighting Company seminar
• 80 participants attended.
• Orientation program
• Venue: Kenya Power & Lighting Training College

November 6, 2008

• Two-day seminar for college students
• 22 participants attended.
• Objective: To introduce character education to the Kenya Institute of Professional Studies
• Venue: Peace Embassy house

November 15, 2008

• Masinde Muliro University (500 km from capital city)
• 50 participants attended.
• Objective: To train peer counselors on character development in addressing challenges facing youth.
• Venue: Auditorium

November 17, 2008

• Jonathan Gloag Academy (Thomas Barnados)
• 24 participants attended.
• Objective: To prepare students for upcoming challenges in high school.
• Venue: Don Bosco youth education center

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