Peace and Security


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Peace and Security

UPF-Nigeria Statement on the Nigerian Presidential Election

On behalf of the UPF-Nigeria Ambassadors for Peace, let me join other well-meaning citizens of the Nigerian nation in formally congratulating Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, president-elect of Nigeria, for his victory at the presidential election and also commending His Excellency Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, president of Nigeria, for taking a stand for the sake of the peace and unity of Nigeria. They have shown the way that we need to go in the days ahead, where winners and losers come together for the common good of the people.

While congratulating and commending the key actors in the presidential election, let us not ignore the fact that seeds of division along religious and ethnic as well as political lines have been planted in the hearts of Nigerians. Some have pledged to take revenge on both sides. However, fighting each other will never bring the much desired peace. At each time, our nation must be guided by one leader and our collective support and loyalty should be to such a person.

Despite the peaceful outcome of the elections, let us not ignore the fact that many challenges remain ahead of us all. The time is now for us to come together, beyond our past differences, and work together as one people, one nation and children of one God. Whatever we choose to do, let us stand on the point that we are One People, One Nation and have One God. If we spend the next four years fighting the incoming government as the outgoing government was fought, we shall waste eight years fighting over nothing. Let us accept the challenges of the past and forgive those who did not support the government by supporting the government that will be formed. This is the way to be different from others, by not doing to them what they did to you.

I enjoin all our Ambassadors for Peace, their family members and everyone to make a commitment to use the next four years to support the incoming government to succeed. If we insist on fighting the fighters, we shall all remain at the same level again. The time to grow Nigeria is now. The government officials may change, but Nigeria remains the same nation and we need to grow Nigeria. We cannot change Nigeria to Ghana or the United States, but we can grow to meet the best practices of other nations. In the days ahead, let us devote our resources to promoting the realization of One People, One Nation who have One God.

As Ambassadors for Peace, our immediate task is to begin a nationwide campaign to promote the idea that we are One People, One Nation and from One God. This is a task that we should not undermine. Despite our differences and diversity, we are one people in one nation created by One God. President Goodluck Jonathan has shown clearly that he is an Ambassador for Peace and a Peace-Loving Global Citizen. We all need to commend him as we strive to work with the incoming government to ensure that Nigeria becomes a peaceful nation.

Once again, congratulations to President-Elect Gen. Muhammadu Buhari and my commendation to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan for showing the example of an Ambassador for Peace. These actions by the president-elect and by President Jonathan have sent a message to the whole of Africa and the world that despite our challenges, we have the potential to emerge as a peaceful leader nation. Let me appeal to the international community to consider honoring and celebrating President Jonathan for this sacrifice that he has made. Let us not only punish those who fail us but also promote those who do what is needed.

Surely other nations shall seek to learn this peaceful winning formula from Nigeria. We shall continue to exist beyond 2015 and will do more to achieve the Peace Vision 2020. Let us remain committed to the mission of making Nigeria a peaceful nation for all. God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and may we become the people that will make this nation a Peaceful Nation under God.

Dr. Raphael Ogar Oko,
Secretary General,
Universal Peace Federation-Nigeria

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