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Ambassadors for Peace

UPF-Israel Appoints New Ambassadors for Peace

Israel-2016-02-13-UPF-Israel Appoints New Ambassadors for Peace

Jerusalem, Israel—On February 13, 2016, UPF-Israel celebrated the birthday of UPF Founders, Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, by appointing new Ambassadors for Peace, all of whom are members of the Jerusalem Interfaith Forum. Twenty-one people attended the event, which coincided with the celebration of the founders’ birthday in Korea.

The program began with a one-hour presentation on UPF’s Principles of Peace, which was given by Dr. Nurit Hirschfeld, secretary general of UPF-Israel. Afterwards, Prof. Eliezer Glaubach, president of the Jerusalem Peace and Security Forum, and the most senior Ambassadors for Peace in Israel, spoke about the mission of Ambassadors for Peace.

Among the four new Ambassadors for Peace, three were women, all of whom are involved in cooperative projects between the Women’s Federation for Peace’s (WFWP) and UPF’s chapters in Israel.

Mrs. Adi Sasaki, president of WFWP-Israel, and Mr. Hod Ben Zvi, president of UPF-Israel, gave the award certificates.

About the new Ambassadors for Peace:

Mrs. Karima Katili is a Christian Arab from Acre, a city in northern Israel, who has dedicated her life to promoting peace, love and forgiveness between people and service to others. “God first created human beings; only later He created religions,” she said. “This is why we should love human beings regardless of their religion. We are all loved by God.”

Mrs. Patrishia Relf is a Christian woman who is a member of a Jewish community in Netanya city. She heads several women’s groups, which she established over the years. Mrs. Relf dedicated the award to her sister who passed away several days before the event, and shared that she feels her sisters’ sacrifice is opening new doors for her.

Mrs. Daniela Or is a Jewish peace activist, and a member of the Har-El synagogue and community in Jerusalem. Mrs. Or said that peace should be Israel’s highest priority, since it will not only help the situation in Israel, but also in neighboring countries and the region as a whole. Mrs. Or added that she is willing to invest as much as she can to promote peace, and expressed hope in the Jerusalem Interfaith Forum’s activities. 

Mr. Kobi Nehooshtan is a Jewish homeopathic doctor from Lapid, near Jerusalem. He is studying religion, and is involved in and has led interfaith activities in Israel and Europe. His wife and two children were with him when he received the award certificate. Mr. Nehooshtan said that his family is taking it upon itself to fulfill the vision of creating a harmonious family and harmony in society. He also said that he sees his receiving the Ambassador for Peace certificate as a commitment for the future, not as an award for his past achievements.

The joyful and warm atmosphere continued over to lunch, which was prolonged because many of the attendees wished to stay longer. 

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