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Ambassadors for Peace

Encouragement for Canadian Ambassadors for Peace

Toronto, Canada - Dr. Hoossen Auckbaraullee welcomed the audience to the monthly meeting of Ambassadors for Peace in Toronto on September 12 with greetings of peace.


Dr. Golam Dastagir took the podium to speak about the month of Ramadan as a time for renewal of body and soul. The presentation was applauded by all and attracted keen interest from the audience.

Author Qamrul A. Khanson gave a review of the book As a Peace Loving Global Citizen, by Rev. Sun Myung Moon: "When I started reading the book," he said, "I was half aware of his minute details of life which would unfurl the petals as I proceeded to find the depth of his courage, love, and affection for the human race. By walking on the path of Prophets and Messengers of Biblical Islamic times, he created distinction by being in the modern era where his caring messages and dedication for peace were easily transmissible by the virtues of electronic communiqué."

The modern history of the world is enriched by the presence of legendary personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and many others, yet every new legend contributes to human wisdom and spreads the realm of love. Rev. Sun Myung Moon is a man whose love for humankind wells up from within. In order to bring peace among nations, cultures and religions, he spent his life going to the lowliest and secluded places, meeting African mothers who watched helplessly their children died of hunger. The reader senses a heart flowing with tears and attractng diverse people to his warmth of love. 

He devoted his energy to inspiring change in the political process and stimulate new ways of thinking among people in the former Soviet nations, the Korean peninsula, and the Middle East. Through his inspiration, thousands of Jews, Muslims and Christians started a process of reconciliation through peace marches, dialogue and healing processes; a long thorny path still lies ahead.

"What matters is our boundless journey towards peace by dedicating ourselves with love, respect and continual efforts," Mr. Khanson concluded. "By reading this book, one develops courage to become an Ambassador for Peace and be part of a global process blessed by Almighty God."

Mr. Willie Nabus, the leader of the Philippine community in the greater Toronto area who recently toured South Korea to learn about interreligious and peace activities speared by the Universal Peace Federation, spoke on the topic of "The Korean Experience." Over 200 distinguished delegates from around the world gathered in Korea for the recent summit on "A New Vision of Peace in the 21st Century." Participants included former heads of state and government, women leaders and current and former first ladies, parliamentarians, and religious leaders. In addition to these primary groups, other delegates were in attendance, representing civil society, academia, the private sector, media, and the arts.

The program featured several summit sessions on topics related to the general theme as well as presentations on the universal values and best practices that are necessary to create a world in which the people of every region, race, nationality, culture, and religion live together in peace. The summit explored the root causes of conflict and the ways we can move together beyond conflict, inequality, and division toward reconciliation and prosperity as one family under God.

Rev. Mitch Dixon closed by highlighting local activities promoting inter-faith understanding.

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