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By UPF - Austria   
Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vienna, Austria - UPF-Austria together with the Family Federation for World Peace held an interreligious service on September 18 to commemorate the International Day of Peace.

To start with, Mrs. Zena Eggough, Vice President of UPF-Austria, read quotes from the Bible, followed by words of peace by Ambassador for Peace Dr. Suri Suryanarayanan. Ewald Schenkermayr read a passage from the autobiography of UPF Founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

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Mr. Peter Haider showed two short videos with UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s message for the International Day of Peace, the topic of which was: “Day of Peace 2011: Make your voice heard.”

Following the videos, several speakers made contributions:

Bogdan Pammer stated that changing the world means 1) to be ready for self-sarifice, 2) to be able to build bridges, and 3) to be able to accept and absorb new elements. In UPF he sees these principles put into practice.

A young lady, Ms. Anna Scheitauer from the Academic Council on the United Nations’ System, explained that an important contribution to world peace is to understand as many cultures as possible. That’s why she has already been working in many different countries.

One of the highlights of the service was a report on the International Leaderhip Conference in Abuja, Nigeria, in July this year. The report was given by Dr. Habib Bakhoum, one of the six participants from Austria in the Conference. Dr. Bakhoum said he was very inspired by Father Moon’s speech and feels very hopeful for Africa.

The service was accompanied by beautiful music, including the song “Say,” originally performed by John Mayer, but this time sung by Daniel Hinterleitner.