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UPF-Argentina Statement of Solidarity in Face of Vandalism of Places of Worship


Buenos Aires, Argentina - This statement of solidarity and commitment by UPF-Argentina is issued in response to the unfortunate cases of vandalism and desecration in churches of different faith communities that have occurred in recent months in various cities of Argentina. (For more information about the vandalism, click here.)

Statement of Solidarity and Commitment

1. We express our support for and solidarity with the believers of the different faith communities whose feelings and beliefs were hurt once more because of various attacks and acts of desecration that were perpetrated in historic sites and churches of different denominations, which occurred in recent weeks and months in Argentina.

2. We disapprove of these and all kinds of aggression and acts that undermine human dignity and places which are considered sacred by different denominations. Such acts violate fundamental rights, such as freedom of conscience and religion that are referred in Constitutions of many nations and recognized by the highest international organizations.

3. These unfortunate episodes, which seem to take us back in time, challenge us to think carefully about our responsibility to make greater efforts to join forces for a better society and safeguard the nation that our ancestors forged to be an example of coexistence among different creeds and communal groups. This situation calls us to unite minds and hearts, guided by the rule of love, to revive spirituality and continue investing in a fruitful ministry that can rekindle hope build bridges and embrace each other transcending differences.

4. We renew our commitment, both in words and actions, to forge a culture of dialogue and encounter for a healthy coexistence, so we can walk together towards the common good, toward the hope of all ages, which is a fraternal society and a world of peace, for which so many valiant men and women have shed their sweat, blood and tears throughout the centuries.

5. We also express our solidarity with people suffering from the painful events in Syria and throughout the Middle East, and in every place on earth where people are exiled and persecuted for what they believe. We reaffirm our commitment to dialogue and interreligious cooperation, which are inescapable imperatives of these times so as to rebuild hope and forge peace. In so doing, the legacy of so many saints and martyrs will not have been in vain, and it can be revived and enriched every day with authentic greatness, through humility and service, comforted and inspired by our common Origin and Destiny.

Buenos Aires, November 15, 2013

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