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Reflections of World Summit 2017 Participants

Seoul, Korea—Participants of the fourth UPF World Summit, which took place from February 1 to 5, 2017, offer their impressions of the conference.


While the World Summit is talking about peace, there is a government less than 30 miles away from Seoul that is carrying out tests of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles. The problems of the [Korean Peninsula] concern the entire world and not just the region. The vision of a unified and peaceful Korea can be fulfilled, but it won’t happen overnight. The circumstances found in Korea—lack of dialogue, lack of tolerance, lack of peace—can be found in many other areas of the world. [UPF co-founder] Rev. Moon provided a set of instruments for the path to peace: dialogue, mutual understanding and common cause [which], if sincerely implemented, can lead to peace.

~ Ambassador Christopher Hill, former U.S. ambassador to Korea


That Broadway musical at the Peace World Center was off the charts! It was “God Bless America” and “The Greatest Story Ever Told” all rolled into one! Thank you so much for inviting me.

~ Hon. Loretta Sanchez, former U.S. congresswoman from California


The UPF and IAPP [International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace] are amazing. This will be the way to bring peace in the world. We’ve been trying to bring peace through government to government, but people to people is much better. This is a borderless organization. There is really tremendous potential in UPF and IAPP.

~ Ambassador Joseph R. DeTrani, a former U.S. special envoy to the Six-Party Talks


I am grateful for the invitation to the 2017 Summit held in Seoul, Korea and I congratulate you on the extraordinary organization and the excellent reception. To have participated was a very enriching experience for the great exchange with colleagues from other countries as well as to know the culture of the country and its people. I am at your disposal to continue collaborating.

~ Hon. Fernanda Gil Lozano, International Parliamentary Mercosur


For this conference we were supposed to be four representatives from Chad, consisting of four ladies: two from the ruling party and two from the opposition. But a lady from the opposing party couldn’t come at the last minute. Nevertheless, since we were three women parliamentarians instead of four, we were obliged to build closer relationships. I could become closer than ever before to my sister of the opposing party. I felt that the UPF conference has led us to unity and that we have the potential to bring peace among opposing political convictions. Another point is that I wanted to join the National Assembly session, but unfortunately I didn’t get the green dot on my name card that would allow me to take the bus heading to the National Assembly. Incredibly, I was not in despair. My heart was at peace, and I felt that God wanted me to learn something else during the session at the Lotte Hotel World. I am so grateful to have been invited.

~ Hon. Tamba Tamba, a member of Parliament, Zambia


In view of what we have seen today, I came to realize that the organizations of Rev. Moon have enormous potential to change this world. Without realizing it, members of the federation are creating a new order of things, without drums or trumpets. I want to devote myself fully to participate in this great work. As peace ambassadors we need more education when we go back. I will help create many connections and reach out to the leaders of the country. I’m also very impressed by the leadership and charisma of Mrs. Moon, who took the reins and leads the movement today. I wish her my best wishes and encouragement as she continues this noble cause.

~ Hon. Likane Yagui Jean, a member of the National Assembly, Cote d'Ivoire


The founding principle of the Sunhak Peace Prize established by Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr. Hak Ja Han Moon is based on their vision for peace: “天下一家” or “One Family under God,” for the sake of building a peaceful and better world for all humankind. I believe we are being called to come to Korea for this very special reason. Regardless of diversity of belief, cultural background and language, we all can learn from them how to solve our human problems and human suffering. It is our common responsibility, as we are one family under God!

~ Dr. Po-Ya Chang, president of the Control Yuan, Taiwan


As parliamentarians attending this very important World Summit and International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace, our focus should be on the “4 Ps”: People, Poverty, Prosperity and Peace. The central question, as we focus on peace, is “How can we have responsible leadership that is focused on people, poverty eradication, and prosperity enhancement in peace?” The absence of peace is a clear indication of the failure of leadership or the testimony of irresponsible leadership. The answer for peace is the philosophy of Father and Mother Moon. Thanks to them.

~ Professor Geoffrey Lungwangwa, a senior member of parliament, Zambia


I was so impressed by the birthday celebration for the founders. Previously I did not understand this organization and even worked against it, but now I’ve come to understand much better who Rev. and Mrs. Moon are and the work of the UPF. Please allow me to work with you on the many important challenges that our society is facing.

~ Hon. Elena Gulicheva, a member of Russia’s parliament


The platform for international cooperation that you have organized is unique and will contribute to the strengthening of friendship and understanding between individuals and peoples. We hope for long-term cooperation and constructive relationships in promoting peace. Those who participated in preparation for such a big event under your leadership express their appreciation and gratitude.

~ Hon. Maxim Misko, a member of Belarus’ parliament and the chair of the Belarusian Peace Foundation


I congratulate the event coordinators for their spotless organization of the welcome, accommodations, meals, and the prompt and helpful support from the people assigned to care for participants, both local and foreign. The content was extremely rich, comprising presentations not only from legislators but also from high authorities from various countries, in the most diversified areas of human knowledge. Every discussion there led attendees to many thoughts that, most likely, will motivate them to act more productively toward peace and the actualization of human rights on earth.

~ Hon. Vera Lucia Jucovsky, PhD, a federal court judge and professor of environmental law, Brazil

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