Interreligious Wisdom in the British House of Lords

May 21, 2007

"Collective problems need collective solutions," said H.E. Kamalesh Sharma, High Commissioner of India to the United Kingdom, in addressing an International Leadership Conference on May 21, 2007


M.P. Uddin: Introducing Faith-Based Identity in Britain

January 2, 2006

British Muslims are the most multiracial, multinational, and multilingual in the world. We are also becoming the most innovative in evolving into the kinds of Muslims that will be relevant and a suitable prototype for the 21st century.


Peace Tour Inaugurates UPF in the United Kingdom

November 5, 2005

Rev. Sun Myung Moon spoke to an audience of 1,500 in London about his vision for world peace. "The time has come for the countries of the world to pool their resources and advance toward the world of peace desired by God."


Religious Youth Service Does Green Projects in Great Britain

September 8, 1996

Birmingham, Great Britain— Work occurred in Saltley and Nechells (a part of Birmingham's inner city) a nature trail and picnic area was built and an old bus garage was made into a recycling centre and a tree nursery formed was formed.


RYS-England Creats a Peace Garden from an Abandoned Lot

July 3, 1991

Southall, England—RYS alumni, Marshal D' Souza sought to create a local model which could attract support form campuses and religious organizations in the growing diverse nation of England. As a result a Peace Garden was created out of an abandon rubbish filled lot. RYS participants and staff helped with removing garbage, digging and landscaping, and some light construction.