International Human Solidarity Day Observed in Kiev

December 17, 2013

Kiev, Ukraine - Ambassadors for Peace met on Dec. 17, 2013 to commemorate International Human Solidarity Day, with speakers stressing the importance of unity during this revolutionary time for Ukraine and avoiding division of the country.


Promoting a Rapprochement of Cultures in Ukraine

November 22, 2013

Volunteers from Japan and South Korea visited Ukraine in November 2013 at the invitation of the Universal Peace Federation. The purpose of the delegation's stay in Ukraine was to take part in international volunteer activities, initiate charitable projects and meet volunteers in various cities of Ukraine.


Conference Focuses on the Ukrainian National Ideal

October 18, 2013

Kiev, Ukraine - UPF-Ukraine held its annual international conference entitled "The Ukrainian National Idea: Past, Present, and Future" on Oct. 18 in the conference hall of the Hotel "Kozatskyi."


Day of Peace Observed in Kiev

September 21, 2013

Kiev, Ukraine - UPF-Ukraine organized two projects in observance of the International Day of Peace: making origami cranes with students at the Gymnasium of Oriental Languages and a football match for peace with students at the Kiev University of Law.


Contest: The Most Romantic Couple in Kiev

July 11, 2013

Kiev, Ukraine - UPF-Ukraine together with Kiev Family Center “Family House” held a contest on July 11 called "The most romantic Kiev couple 2013." Four young couples participated in the contest, and over 30 people came to the event as spectators. The main prize was a romantic trip to Paris for three days.


Global Day of Parents Observed in Kiev

June 2, 2013

Kiev, Ukraine - UPF-Ukraine promoted the Global Day of Parents with activities on Khreshatik Street on June 1.


Day of Families Observed in Ukraine

May 21, 2013

Kiev, Ukraine - Ukraine is famous for its family traditions, and therefore, family values and the International Day of Families were widely celebrated in Kiev, with UPF contributing to the educational program "School of Life" and planting trees at five orphanages.


Conference in Kiev Addresses Educational Competencies

March 29, 2013

Kiev, Ukraine - A nationwide theoretical and practical conference on “The Essential Competencies of Education in 11 Years of Schooling” was held March 28-29 at Pechersk Gymnasium No. 75 in Kiev.


Ukrainian Ambassadors for Peace Welcome Idea of Global Day of Parents

March 20, 2013

Kiev, Ukraine - Ambassadors for Peace meeting in Kiev on March 20 welcomed the news of the establishment of a UN Global Day of Parents on June 1, with people being encouraged to honor and express special appreciation for their parents on that day. Suggestions were made about how to promote recognition of this day by the Supreme Council of Ukraine.


Interfaith Harmony Week Celebrated in Kiev

February 7, 2013

Kiev, Ukraine - Ambassadors for Peace gathered in Kiev on Feb. 7, 2013 on the occasion of World Interfaith Harmony Week.


К великой стране через великую национальную идею

October 18, 2012

Международная конференция  на тему «К великой стране через великую национальную идею», где собралось около 110 участников, состоялась в Киеве, Украина, 18 октября 2012 года. Конференция открылась музыкальным выступлением трио бандуристок национальной радиокомпании Украины.  Музыка создала особую атмосферу для конференции, ведь тема, поднятая участникам, была серьёзная.


Conference in Kiev Promotes a 'Great National Idea'

October 18, 2012

Kiev, Ukraine - An international conference on “Toward a Great Country through a Great National Idea,” attended by 110 participants, took place in Kiev, Ukraine, on October 18. At the beginning of the event the Trio of Bandura Players of the National Radio Company performed for the participants, creating by their music a special atmosphere for the conference because a very urgent theme was to be discussed.


Day of Peace Commemorated at a Boarding School in Kiev

September 21, 2012

Kiev, Ukraine - UPF volunteers organized a project named "Sustainable Peace for a Sustainable Future" on September 21 dedicated to the International Day of Peace. It was held at Kiev boarding school №2 for children with special challenges of physical and intellectual development. Seven UPF volunteers and 35 children from 5th and 7th grades participated in the program.


Day of Families Observed at a Children's Home in Kiev

May 19, 2012

Kiev, Ukraine - An International Day of Families program took place in the children’s home “Malyatko” in Kiev on May 19 by the efforts of UPF volunteers. Fifteen children participated, along with their teachers and six UPF volunteers.


Children's Art Contest on Easter Themes in Kiev

April 20, 2012

Kiev, Ukraine - A spring art contest for compositions on the theme “The Great Day of Easter” took place in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, on April 20. The project was initiated by the Kiev Center of Families, the Universal Peace Federation, and a grassroots organization of families with many children in the Shevchenko district of Kiev.


Dancing Transcends Borders in Kiev

April 7, 2012

Kiev, Ukraine - The third international children-and-youth choreography festival and contest on the theme “Dancing Beyond Borders-2012” that took place in Kiev on April 6 and 7 was a real pageant of creativity and talents. The initiators of this remarkable event were the Ballet Academy of Ukraine, Universal Peace Federation, center of culture “Sun”, and international charitable foundation “Art Beyond Borders.”


UPF-Ukraine Celebrates Milestones

October 24, 2011

Kiev, Ukraine - Two significant events were held in Kiev October 20 and 24: the annual UPF conference commemorating Dr. Sun Myung Moon’s 2005 visit to Ukraine and the 60th anniversary of the Ukrainian Peace Council, headed by the first president of Ukraine, Leonid Kravchuk.


Украина отмечает Неделю Межрелигиозной гармонии ООН

January 27, 2011

Киев, Украина - В Киеве, Украина, 27 января состоялась встреча Послов мира в честь Недели межрелигиозной гармонии. На встрече присутствовали около 20 Послов мира. Среди участников были члены общественных организаций, представители сферы бизнеса и образования.


Interfaith Harmony Week Gathering in Kiev

January 27, 2011

Kiev, Ukraine - A meeting of Ambassadors for Peace related to the Week of Interfaith Harmony took place on January 27. The meeting was attended by 20 Ambassadors for Peace. Among the participants were members of grass-roots organizations and representatives of business and education spheres.


Презентация книги «Гражданин планеты, любящий мир»

October 20, 2010

20 октября в Киеве,  Украина, состоялась презентация автобиографии основателя Федерации за всеобщий мир  доктора  Мун Сон Мёна.