RYS-Thailand Alumni organized 2-day local RYS Project

March 24, 2004

Klongtomtai, Krabi, Thailand—Seven RYS alumni organized a 3-day local RYS project in Klongtomtai, Krabi on March 21-24, 2004. The main project was Tree Planting co-hosted by Klongtomtai Sub District Local Government in Krabi Province and WFWP-Thailand.


RYS-Thailand: Building a Foundation of Peace and Friendship Through Loving Service

October 27, 2003

Korat, ThailandWork focused on repairing and improving the structure of a medical clinic and the local grounds.


RYS-Thailand Provides Needed Services in Bangkok

October 29, 1994

Bangkok, Thailand— The work of RYS was slowed down in Thailand on account of government persecution in 1992-3. This project in the North of Thailand was designed to rebuild the RYS and IRFF foundation while providing needed services for the region.


RYS-Thailand Helps Work on a Hall at an Orphanage

April 13, 1991

Sukhothai, Thailand—RYS participants and staff helped work on a multi-purpose hall at an orphanage which was to be used as a moral education center.


RYS-Thailand Helps Set Up a 3rd National Program

October 26, 1990

Ubonratchathami Province, Thailand—The RYS worked on the restoration of a school at the central Buddhist monastery of the region. The weather was extremely hot but repairs and restoration were substantial.


RYS-Thailand builds an Orphanage and Day Care

April 13, 1990

Southern Thailand—Based on the success of the first Thailand RYS project a second project, was designed and implemented from April 1st to the 13th. Whereas the first project was in the North, the second was carried out in the South and brought participants from all regions of the nation.


RYS-Thailand Works with Village and Learns from Culture

October 26, 1989

Chang-Mai/Baan Nong Gai Village, Thailand— Thirty-one staff and participants attended this first Thailand National RYS Program, held in the Chiang Mai area, Thailand, on October 17-26, 1989.