World Peace Summit Held in Seoul

June 10, 2006

Seoul, Korea - A diverse group of political and religious leaders gathered in Seoul on June 10 for a three-day World Peace Summit to consider alternative pathways to peace.


First Women for Peace Summit Held in Seoul

April 7, 2006

Seoul, Korea - At what could be the shortest notice yet, 70 women from at least 37 nations convened in Seoul, Korea March 28-31 for the first Women for Peace Summit. This gathering was living proof of the capacity of women to respond, even under challenging circumstances, to bringing the strengths of women in peacemaking and peacebuilding to the fore.


First UPF World Assembly Held in Seoul

February 4, 2006

Seoul, Korea - With most of Seoul still celebrating the lunar New Year, 400 delegates of UPF from 135 nations met on February 1 for the global organization’s first annual assembly.


M.D. Huh: The Korean Peninsula and Peace in Northeast Asia

January 1, 2006

True love is the mightiest strategic tool for melting down all strife and conflict in this world. The realm of true love surpasses all barriers.


Peace Tour Inaugurates UPF in Korea

October 15, 2005

Seoul, Korea - To inaugurate the Universal Peace Federation in Korea, Dr. Sun Myung Moon spoke to over 60,000 people in Seoul, Daejon, Pusan, Kwangju and other cities from October 3 to 14.


Korean War Veterans Become Ambassadors for Peace

July 26, 2005

At the first conference of the United Nations Peacekeeping Korean War Memorial Federation, more than 250 veterans gathered, creating a delegation representing all the nations who sent troops into battle representing the UN.


Y.H. Park: Inter-Korean Relations: Current State and Tasks Ahead

August 1, 2004

Since the first inter-Korean summit held in June 2000, South and North Korea have expanded mutual contacts and exchanges. The two Koreas have been developing inter-Korean relations of reconciliation and cooperation on a practical level. In other words, Seoul and Pyongyang have begun a process to end the Cold War on the Korean Peninsula by establishing a stable peace structure and ‘real’ talks for improving inter-Korean relations toward the long-term goal of unification.


Interreligious Peace Sports Festival 2004 in South Korea

July 27, 2004

ChunAn, Asan, DMZ, South Korea—The Interreligious Peace Sports Festival (IPSF), a unique and exciting project that has developed as an outgrowth of the Religious Youth Service (RYS). The program utilizes sports as a vehicle to promote interreligious interaction and understanding.


Peace Cup 2003 Held in Korea

July 16, 2003

Seoul, Korea - Peace Cup, an eight-club tournament that includes the champions of five different nations, kicked off July 15 when Korean champion Seongnam Ilhwa faced Turkish champion Besiktas at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.


Performing Arts Troupe from Pyongyang Performs in Seoul

May 29, 2000

When I saw the Pyongyang Children and Students Performing Arts Troupe, the notion that the people of the North and South are ideological enemies seemed to dissipate like smoke. And it was a group of young children who had shown us grown-ups the truth.


Little Angels Korean Folk Ballet Performs in Pyongyang

May 3, 1998

Pyongyang, North Korea - On May 2, 1998, the Little Angels Children’s Folk Ballet of Korea arrived in Pyongyang via a special charter flight. The largest group in the history of north-south exchanges to date was invited by the North Korea’s Asia Pacific Peace Committee and met at their airport by their Northern counterparts. The young musicians and dancers took each others’ hands, bonding like old friends without even asking each others’ name.


H.J.H. Moon: World Peace and the Role of Women

August 24, 1992

The history of today is calling for peace, reconciliation, compassion, love, service and sacrifice. It is an age in which the present problems cannot be solved by the masculine logic of power. There is no longer any need for ideologies which oppress humanity. This is the age when the present problems must be solved by the more feminine logic of love.


S.M. Moon: My Meeting with President Kim Il Sung

December 5, 1991

 As I approached the official residence, I found President Kim at the entrance, waiting to greet me. The two of us simultaneously embraced each other. I was an anticommunist and he was the leader of a communist party, but ideology and philosophies were not important in the context of our meeting. We were like brothers who were meeting for the first time after a long separation. This was the power of belonging to the same people and sharing the same blood.