The Secretariat of the Russian Chapter of the Universal Peace Federation is located in Moscow. The Chapter operates in the major regions of the Russian Federation: Central Russia, Northwest Region, Volga Region, South Region, Ural-Siberia Region, and the Russian Far East.

Russian Experts Seek to Promote the Family

April 24, 2015

Moscow, Russia—UPF-Russia brought together a broad range of experts for a one-day conference on strengthening the family.


UPF-Russia Attends Orthodox Church Exhibition

March 31, 2015

Moscow, Russia—The secretary general of UPF-Eurasia was one of the special guests at the opening ceremony of an exhibition and book fair organized by the Russian Orthodox Church.


World Interfaith Harmony Week Observed in Russia

February 6, 2015

Moscow, Russia—The secretary general of the Moscow branch of UPF-Russia explained the UPF Principles of Peace at an interfaith roundtable attended by religious leaders, scientific and creative intellectuals, journalists and public figures.


Founder’s Songs Featured in Interfaith Festival

January 27, 2015

Russia Choir 2015 01 27St. Petersburg, Russia - An interfaith music festival at a Christian university featured two songs with lyrics written by UPF Founder Dr. Sun Myung Moon.


Youth Ambassadors for Peace Meet Auschwitz Survivors

January 27, 2015

Russia MoscowYouth 2015 01 27Moscow, Russia - Ambassadors for Peace had the opportunity to meet concentration camp survivors on the 70th anniversary of their liberation from Auschwitz.


St. Petersburg Schoolchildren Seek the Palace of the Soul

January 22, 2015

Russia SchoolMeeting 2015 01 22St. Petersburg, Russia - Teenagers were guided in a classroom discussion on what it means to be worthy of love and respect.


Festival of National Cultures Gives Hope to the Young

January 12, 2015

Russia MoscowFestival 2015 01 12Moscow, Russia - Jan. 12, 2015, was a day of unity, peace and goodness for Moscow children who normally face difficulties and deprivation.


Overview of UPF-Russia Activities in 2014

December 31, 2014

Photo retrospective of events organized by UPF-UK during 2014


Book Release: Russian Translation of World Scripture and the Teachings of Sun Myung Moon

December 30, 2014

Moscow, Russia - UPF-Eurasia announces the publication of the Russian translation of the anthology of sacred texts World Scripture and the Teachings of Sun Myung Moon.


Russian Ambassadors for Peace Try to Make Solidarity Real

December 20, 2014

Russia SolidarityDay 2014 12 20Moscow, Russia - Russian Ambassadors for Peace wanted their discussions on Dec. 20, 2014, to make human solidarity more than just a beautiful slogan on International Human Solidarity Day.


Russian Students and the Value of Volunteerism

December 15, 2014

Russia Forum 2014 12 15Kirov, Russia - An expert in volunteerism from UPF-Russia’s Ural chapter was the guest speaker at a forum to encourage youth to volunteer.


Siberian Peace Council Marks Human Rights Day

December 14, 2014

Russia HumanRightsDay 2014 12 14Novosibirsk, Russia - The Siberian Peace Council celebrated Human Rights Day together with Russia’s Constitution Day at a special meeting.


Sixth “Christmas Star” Festival Bears the Light of Peace

December 4, 2014

Russia Baltic 2014 12 06Hyvinkää, Finland - Russian and Finnish children took part in the sixth “Light of the Christmas Star” festival and competition on Dec. 4 to 7, 2014.


Russian Youth Attend Program on Tolerance

November 21, 2014

Russia ServiceProject 2014 11 21Pokrovskoye, Russia - Tenth-graders in a Russian village discussed issues of tolerance in a special program supported by UPF.


UN International Day for Tolerance Observed at Forums in Russia

November 18, 2014

The UN International Day for Tolerance 2014 was observed with a celebration of national cultures in Kamensk-Uralsky and a youth round table in St. Petersburg.


Russians Support Friendship of Nations in Sports Events

November 16, 2014

Russia-2014-11-16Russia - Under the theme "We Support the Friendship of Nations!" sports activities took place in many cities of Russia on Nov. 16, 2014, the UN International Day for Tolerance.


International Day of Peace Celebrated in Russia

September 21, 2014

UPF-Russia organized celebrations of the International Day of Peace in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Ufa and Volgograd.


Super-Marathon Aims to Promote Baltic Dialogue

September 20, 2014

St. Petersburg, Russia - An international group of long-distance runners set out from St. Petersburg on Sept. 20, 2014, to “run for peace” in a super-marathon through four nations bordering the Baltic Sea.


G. Toloraya: Address to World Summit 2014

August 11, 2014

The evolving regional security architecture and the approaches to confidence-building measures, preventive diplomacy and conflict management in our region must be able to address the growing challenges in the maritime field as well.


Russian 'Angels of Peace' Tour Austria

June 30, 2014

UPF-Austria collaborated with the Women's Federation for World Peace to host the "Angels of Peace," Russian children between the ages of nine and 14, on a cultural exchange tour in Austria June 22-29, 2014, ending in a performance at the Peace Embassy in Vienna.