Cheers for Peace Tour in Lisbon

April 24, 2009

Lisbon, Portugal - All generations, young and old, were represented at the Peace Tour evening program featuring the keynote address on the them of “One Family Under God,” delivered by UPF-Europe Chair Dr. Young-Cheol Song.


Peace Tour Builds UPF in Portugal

September 10, 2006

UPF-Portugal organized meetings in Lisbon, Porto, and Cascais to convey the UPF peace message.


RYS Constructs a Community Center in Portugal

August 21, 1987

Lisbon, Portugal—The RYS selected Portugal as the host nation for the next project and chose to largely focus on caring for the African immigrant population near Lisbon. Constructing a community center was a way to help give a place for older and younger generations to come together.