Interfaith Harmony Week Celebrated in Auckland

February 2, 2013

Auckland, New Zealand - New Zealand, like many countries, has become a melting pot of cultures and faiths. However, this multicultural environment has not always been harmonious, so a World Interfaith Harmony Week program on February 2 offered an opportunity to address this issue.


Day of Peace Observed in Auckland

September 22, 2012

Auckland, New Zealand - The UN International Day of Peace banner at UPF's forum in Auckland included many religious symbols showing the focus for this year's event on September 22. Representatives of diverse faith groups were included, because they have a great part to play in achieving sustainable peace, which was the theme for this year’s observance.


New Zealand Youth Attend an Empowerment Workshop

July 10, 2012

Taranaki, New Zealand - A Synergy and Empowerment Workshop July 6-10 at the Eltham Presbyterian Campsite in Taranaki launched the Youth Federation for World Peace in New Zealand. The 41 youths from various parts of New Zealand heard lectures, trained in Tong Il Moo Do martial arts, and enjoyed hiking and other outdoor activities.


UPF President Briefs New Zealand Ambassadors for Peace about UPF

June 22, 2012

Auckland, New Zealand - UPF President Dr. Thomas G. Walsh was welcomed to New Zealand with a pot-luck dinner on June 18. The following day he gave a report about developments in UPF and the activities in various nations. Ambassadors for Peace expressed interest in developing some of these approaches in New Zealand.


Day of Families Observed at a Cathedral in Parnell

May 12, 2012

Parnell, New Zealand - UPF and the Women's Federation for World Peace organized a celebration of the International Day of Families on May 12 at Holy Trinity Cathedral in Parnell, a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand.


In Memoriam: Sir Peter Tapsell

April 5, 2012

Sir Peter Tapsell, 82, the first Maori Speaker of the New Zealand House of Representatives, died in his sleep at his Ruatoria farm on April 5. He was an active Ambassador for Peace and member of UPF's Global Peace Council.


End-of-Year Program in Auckland

December 3, 2011

Auckland, New Zealand - UPF-New Zealand held its end-of-year function on December 3. The program began in the garden at the Parnell Peace Embassy with an opening prayer by Ambassador for Peace Rev. Rob Mckay followed by a barbecue dinner. Then people moved into the main room of the Peace Embassy for musical entertainment and a program.


Interfaith Programs in Auckland

October 27, 2011

Auckland, New Zealand - Unificationists took part in two interfaith events in October 2011: prayers and readings on the Assisi Day of Prayer for World Peace and the end-of-year event of the Auckland Interfaith Council.


Tiotira Rauna Addresses New Zealand's Annual Voyaging Festival

October 8, 2011

Gisborne, New Zealand - Ambassador for Peace Tiotira Rauna represented UPF-New Zealand at the annual Te Unga Mai voyaging festival on October 8 at the Gisborne Conference Center. The commemoration of Captain James Cook’s arrival in 1769 “and the sad events that happened at that time” included interfaith readings by members of Presbyterian, Muslim, Anglican, Hindu and Baha’i faiths. Addressing the gathering on behalf of UPF-New Zealand, Tiotira Rauna expressed its belief that "peace is going to start in Oceania.” For more details click here.


Day of Peace Observed in Auckland

September 22, 2011

Auckland, New Zealand - UPF-New Zealand organized a commemoration of the International Day of Peace on September 21 at the Maori Anglican Church meeting hall.


Distributing 'As a Peace Loving Global Citizen' in New Zealand

August 26, 2011

Poverty Bay, New Zealand - UPF-New Zealand held a book launch of the Founder’s autobiography on August 26 at the home marae (Maori community centre) in Poverty Bay, East Coast, of Ambassador for Peace Tiopira Rauna.


Day of Families Observed in Auckland

May 15, 2011

Auckland, New Zealand - A gathering of over 100 people celebrated the UN International Day of Families with musical performances, sacred readings, and fellowship at the Jubilee Hall in Parnell, Auckland, on May 15.


Consultation in Auckland on a Proposed Interreligious Council at the UN

August 14, 2010

Auckland, New Zealand - UPF-New Zealand hosted a consultation on the proposal for an interfaith council at the United Nations during its Aug. 14, 2010, meeting.


Opening Plenary: Building a World of Universal Peace

January 15, 2010

ILC Korea 2010. Opening Plenary: Building a World of Universal Peace


Day of Peace in New Zealand

September 28, 2009

Mangere, New Zealand - The Day of Peace celebration was attended by 70 people from the Te Wananga O Aotearoa.


Maori Prayers Open Peace Tour Program in New Zealand

May 8, 2009

Manukau City, New Zealand - May 8 was an unseasonably wintry day in Auckland, but this did not stop a crowd of about 250 from gathering for the Global Peace Tour program in New Zealand.


Day of Peace in Auckland

September 21, 2008

Auckland, New Zealand - A Marae, a sacred place for the Maori people, was the site of music, dances, a martial arts demonstration, and prayers for peace.


Religious Youth Service Building a Culture of Everlasting Peace

January 10, 2003

Aotearoa, New Zealand—This was the second RYS project in New Zealand and the first international program. This project drew much support from Australia and pulled in participants from a wide variety of nations and religious traditions.


RYS Creates Action Plan for Interfaith Service Projects in New Zealand

January 19, 2002

Auckland, New Zealand—Members of various NGOs and from the Ratana Morehu Youth movement joined together in a leadership program that visioned out an action plan for interfaith service projects in New Zealand.