Dr. Nurit Hirschfeld

Chapter Secretary General

Dr. Nurit Hirschfeld

Global Peace Council Member

Hon. Ran Cohen
Former Member of the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset

National Peace Council Member

Prof. Eliezer Glaubach-Gal
President, Jerusalem Peace and Security Forum

National Peace Council Member

Sheik Ali Birani
President, Jerusalem Forum for Understanding and Cooperation among Religions
Mrs. Adi Sassaki
Director, Jerusalem Peace and Security Forum

Interfaith Conference in Jerusalem

August 29, 2012

Jerusalem, Israel - As civilian casualties mount in Syria, Israel’s northeastern neighbor, and concerns over militant groups operating in the Sinai trouble governments both in Cairo and Jerusalem, UPF’s Middle East Peace Initiative (MEPI) took another step forward with the August 26-28 interfaith seminar on the topic “Religion and Peace in the Middle East: the Significance of Interfaith Cooperation.”


Jerusalem to Host Interfaith Conference

August 9, 2012

Jerusalem, Israel - UPF will hold an Interfaith Consultation for Peace and Development in the Middle East in Jerusalem from August 26 to 28. High-level religious leaders, scholars, and interfaith activists from throughout the world will be in attendance, including people of faith who hold positions in government, the media, the private sector, and civil society.


Youth Leadership Training in Israel and Palestine

July 31, 2012

Jerusalem, Israel - During the last two weeks of July 2012, young leaders from around the world came to Israel and Palestine to experience the region's history and religious background, the diversity of its cultures and grasp the complexity of the political situation.


Interfaith Consultation Planned in Jerusalem

July 3, 2012

Jerusalem, Israel - UPF will hold an Interfaith Consultation for Peace and Development in the Middle East in Jerusalem from August 25 to 28. High-level religious leaders, scholars, and  interfaith activists from throughout the world will be in attendance, including people of faith who hold positions in government, the media, the private sector, and civil society.


Israeli Ambassadors for Peace Honor a Diligent Peace Activist

May 31, 2012

Jerusalem, Israel - The Israeli chapter of UPF hosted a prominent Ambassador for Peace from Germany, Dr. Hedwig Raskob, who often visits Israel and Palestine to help advise on conflict resolution. Several well-known professors were invited to a May 31 meeting chaired by Prof. Glaubach.


UPF-Israel Commemorates Africa Day

May 28, 2012

Tel Aviv, Israel - In commemoration of Africa Day 2012, UPF-Israel visited the Tel Aviv office of the Aid Organization for Refugees and Asylum Seekers on May 28 to offer them an award for their work assisting refugees from Africa.


Day of Families Observed in a Druze Village in Israel

May 12, 2012

Daliat El Carmel, Israel - Honoring the UN's 2012 International Day of Families, some 30 community leaders gathered in the Druze village of Daliat El Carmel on May 12. The village is located on the magnificent Mount Carmel near Israel's northern coast, amongst lush green olive orchards.


Interfaith Harmony Week Commemorated in Jerusalem

February 12, 2012

Jerusalem, Israel - Celebrating the UN Interfaith Harmony Week, a group of key Ambassadors for Peace gathered in Jerusalem on February 12. Several prominent academics joined the religious leaders in expressing their concern for the current state of affairs in the Middle East and the Korean peninsula.


R. Cohen: Toward an Era of Interfaith Cooperation and Peace

January 25, 2012

Address to the International Leadership Conference in Seoul, Korea, January 2012

If a peaceful contract can be drawn up for the two states to live side by side in peace and security and if the proposal can be brought as a referendum before both the Israeli and the Palestinian sides, then there is a real opportunity that the people on both sides will approve such a peaceful contract by a large majority.


Day of Peace Observed in Jerusalem

September 21, 2011

Jerusalem, Israel - UPF-Israel organized a Jewish-Christian interfaith meeting at the Dormition Church in Jerusalem on the International Day of Peace, September 21. After the meeting, Jewish Ambassadors for Peace helped mediate a dispute between a church representative and a local rabbi.


N.V. Goldfeld: The Divine Image in All Humankind

July 2, 2011

The doctrine of the brotherhood of man does not start with the giving of the Torah on Mt. Sinai, nor with Abraham our Patriarch. All men since Adam and Eve were created in the Divine image, and this principle should become a leading principle in the educational attempts of liberal religions. These religions will not negate differences, but will stress the common roots of all of them, starting with the creation of mankind by the holy Creator.


Three African Ambassadors to Israel Receive UPF Award

May 24, 2011

Tel Aviv, Israel - A delegation of UPF-Israel met with the Ambassadors of three African Embassies in Tel Aviv on May 24, a day prior to Africa Day. Secretary General of UPF-Israel, Mr. Jeremy Jordan, explained: "We gave them a certificates recognizing their precious work and to encourage them to help raise up their nations."


Day of Families Observed in Daliet El-Carmel

May 14, 2011

Daliet El-Carmel, Israel - Twenty-five Ambassadors for Peace as well three former presidents of Women's Federation for World Peace-Israel and their family members gathered on May 14 at the village of Daliet El-Carmel for the annual celebration of the UN International Day of Families.


Interfaith Tour of Israel Planned for May 19-25

March 4, 2011

Jerusalem, Israel - UPF-Israel announces plans for an interfaith tour May 19-25 as part of its ongoing efforts to build a culture of peace in the Middle East.


Honoring Israelis Working for Interfaith Understanding

January 26, 2011

Daliet el Carmel, Israel - At a Jan. 26, 2011 meeting in Daliet el Carmel honoring Israelis working for interfaith understanding, an interfaith peace council in Israel was promoted.


Youth Care for Jerusalem's Historic Hansen Garden

December 24, 2010

Jerusalem, Israel - To beautify Jerusalem's historic Hansen Garden, on Dec. 24, 2010, Israeli youth planted different types of flowers, including freesia, cyclamen and iris.


Israeli Ambassadors for Peace Reflect on the UPF Assembly in Korea

November 10, 2010

Daliet El Carmel, Israel - Druze Sheikh Ali Birani invited Israeli Ambassadors for Peace who participated in UPF's Interfaith Assembly in Korea to his home in Daliet el Carmel on Nov. 20, 2010 to share their reflections.


Joint Israel-Gaza Fisheries Project Discussed

October 31, 2010

Jerusalem, Israel - The National Peace Council of Israel is researching the feasibility of a joint venture fishery business between Israel and Palestine at the Gaza/Israel sea border.


Day of Peace in Jerusalem, Israel

September 21, 2010

Jerusalem, Israel - A number of Israeli Ambassadors for Peace gathered on September 21 in Jerusalem to reflect on the Middle East Peace Initiative of July 20-24 and ways to help during upcoming initiative events.


E. Glaubach: Potential Role of an Interreligious Council

September 9, 2010

Personal reflections about the proposal for an interreligious council at the United Nations, with references to Jewish and Christian scriptures. In these troubled times, people's hopes may have been shattered, leaving them feeling as if God has abandoned them. An interreligious council could offer a hopeful vision and direction.