Dr. Nurit Hirschfeld

Chapter Secretary General

Dr. Nurit Hirschfeld

Global Peace Council Member

Hon. Ran Cohen
Former Member of the Israeli Parliament, the Knesset

National Peace Council Member

Prof. Eliezer Glaubach-Gal
President, Jerusalem Peace and Security Forum

National Peace Council Member

Sheik Ali Birani
President, Jerusalem Forum for Understanding and Cooperation among Religions
Mrs. Adi Sassaki
Director, Jerusalem Peace and Security Forum
  • Holding bimonthly Peace & Security Forums
  • Holding bimonthly Interfaith and Cooperation Forums
  • Holding International Youth Leadership Seminars
  • Hosting International Peace Pilgrimages & Fact Finding Tours

UPF-Israel Appoints New Ambassadors for Peace

February 13, 2016

Jerusalem, Israel—UPF celebrated the birthday of UPF Founders, Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, by appointing new Ambassadors for Peace. 


200 Students, Teachers Participate in Jerusalem Interfaith Forum Event

January 15, 2016

Haifa, Israel—On January 15, approximately 200 students, teachers and parents attended a panel discussion organized by the Jerusalem Interfaith Forum. 


Interfaith Day at Hakibbutzim College in Tel Aviv

January 6, 2016

Tel Aviv, Israel—Some 70 students participated in an interfaith conference, co-organized by the Jerusalem Interfaith Forum, at the Hakibbutzim College of Education.


Jerusalem Interfaith Forum Visits Nazareth, Wedding Church for Christmas

December 27, 2015

Nazareth, Jerusalem—In the spirit of Christmas and the New Year, 21 members of the Jerusalem Interfaith Forum visited Nazareth and the Wedding Church in Kafr Kanna. 


Middle East Peace Initiative: Toward a Two-State Solution

December 3, 2015

Jerusalem, Israel—UPF held a Middle East Peace Initiative program under the theme, “Toward Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.”


Jerusalem Forum Discusses the Current Crisis of Arab Citizens of Israel

November 4, 2015

Jerusalem, Israel—The Jerusalem Peace and Security Forum met at Haifa University to discuss the current crisis of Arab citizens of Israel, on November 4, 2015.


Faith Leaders, Students Discuss the Role of Educators in Times of High Tension

October 27, 2015

Jerusalem, Israel—The Levinsky College of Education and UPF held a special class discussion on the role of educators in times of high tension for students in the College’s excellence program.


Amid Rising Tensions, Jerusalem Forum Promotes Friendship Among Religions

October 20, 2015

Haifa, Israel—More than 20 people gathered for the Jerusalem Interfaith Forum to express their mutual hope for and determination to continue their efforts to promote peace.


International Day of Peace Observed in Israel

September 21, 2015

Abu-Gosh, Israel—Forgiveness was the theme of an event UPF-Israel organized in observance of the International Day of Peace. 


Jerusalem Forum: The Battle of Survival for the Druze in Syria

September 17, 2015

Haifa, Israel—The Jerusalem Peace and Security Forum met on September 17 to discuss the situation of the Druze in Syria and to learn about their battle for survival. 


Economic Relations Between Israel and the Middle East: Challenges and Opportunities

September 2, 2015

Jerusalem, Israel—The challenges and opportunities of economic relations between Israel and the Middle East was the topic of a discussion the Jerusalem Peace and Security Forum organized on September 2.


UPF-Jerusalem Forum Promotes Educational Initiatives

August 26, 2015

Jerusalem, Israel—The Jerusalem Interfaith Forum gathered at the newly-opened Israeli Peace Education Center to discuss and promote educational initiatives. 


UN Magazine Features “Football for Peace” Project

August 24, 2015

Turin, Italy—The current issue of UNICRI’s Freedom From Fear Magazine features “Football for Peace,” a project that was co-organized by UPF-Israel and Italy in March.   


Cooperation Among Jewish and Arab Local Councils

August 16, 2015

Abu-Gosh, Israel—The Jerusalem Peace and Security Forum met to discuss “Good Neighborliness in the Judean Hills-Cooperation Among Jewish and Arab Local Councils Near Jerusalem.”


Interfaith Forum Visits Terror Victims, Condemns Terrorism

August 8, 2015

Jerusalem, Israel—Members of the Jerusalem Interfaith Forum visited a boy and his parents who were critically injured in an attack. 


Jerusalem Interfaith Forum: Holy Places as an Anchor of Stability

May 28, 2015

Jerusalem, Israel—At a time when tensions are high in the Middle East, the Jerusalem Interfaith Forum convened to discuss “The Holy Places in Jerusalem as an Anchor of Stability in a Long-Term Arrangement.” 


Political Arrangements Discussed at Jerusalem Forum

May 28, 2015

Jerusalem, Israel—The Jerusalem Peace and Security Forum co-organized a discussion on political arrangements that can ensure long-term stability in Jerusalem, on May 28. 


Jerusalem Interfaith Forum Addresses Educational Role of Religious Leaders

May 4, 2015

Jerusalem, Israel—On May 4, the Harry S. Truman Research Institute held a conference on the theme, “Dialogue instead of Conflict–Education for Recognition of the Other.”


Security Implications of ISIS Discussed at Jerusalem Forum

April 27, 2015

Jerusalem, Israel—The Jerusalem Peace and Security Forum gathered on April 27 to discuss the implications of and the security dangers Israel faces with ISIS’ expansion in the Middle East.


UPF Israel and Italy Collaborate on Youth Soccer Exchange Project

March 19, 2015

Turin, Italy—An Arab-Jewish soccer team, comprised of fourteen (7 Arab, 7 Jewish) 11-year-old boys, visited Turin, Italy from March 19-26, 2015, to participate in the “Un Calcio per la Pace” (“Football for Peace”) project.