Conferences in India Focus on Foundations for Sustainable Peace

July 9, 2012

New Delhi, India - Conferences on the theme of "Foundations for Sustainable Peace in Asia's Century" took place in four cities of India from July 3 to 9, 2012.


Day of Families Observed in New Delhi, Gangtok, and Lucknow

May 18, 2012

New Delhi, Gangtok, and Lucknow, India - UPF-India organized four events in commemoration of the International Day of Families.


Indian Ambassador for Peace Project Featured on Oprah's Show

April 19, 2012

Vrindavan, India - American TV personality Oprah Winfrey visited the Guild for Service's Shelter Home in Vrindavan in January 2012. On April 29 her OWN cable TV network will feature its shelter home and widows at 9:00 PM Eastern Time/Pacific Time.


International Women's Day Commemorated in New Delhi

March 13, 2012

New Delhi, India - In commemoration of International Women's Day, UPF-India organized a debate competition among university students and a program at the UN Information Centre on March 13.


Interfaith Harmony Week Commemorated in New Delhi

February 3, 2012

New Delhi, India - UPF-India in collaboration with the National Service Scheme of the Atma Ram Santan Dharma College of the University of Delhi observed the UN World Interfaith Harmony Week on February 3 by organizing an Inter-Collegiate Debate Competition on the theme of “The Need of Interfaith Harmony for Peace in the 21st Century.”


K.V. Rajan: Address at the UPF Founders' Birthday Celebration

January 23, 2012

Address at the Birthday Celebration of UPF Founders Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon

Father Moon, you have cared so much for us, given so much to us, sacrificed so much for us, and for so long. We want you to know that those sacrifices will not have been in vain.


UPF-Sikkim Sponsors Volleyball Tournaments

October 24, 2011

Gangtok, India - The Universal Peace Federation of Sikkim co-sponsored the Hills Men's Open Volleyball and Constituency Level Women Volleyball Tournaments October 15-24, 2011 at the Chuba School Playground, South Sikkim. G.M. Gurung, Chairman of UPF-Sikkim, addressed the opening ceremony for the 18 men's and 16 women's teams. He described the vision of UPF Founder Dr. Sun Myung Moon of sports as a way to build bridges and harmonize people. For details, click here.


Funds Donated for Sikkim Earthquake Relief

October 1, 2011

Gangtok, Sikkim, India - A team from the Universal Peace Federation of Sikkim led by its President Shri G. M. Gurung donated US$ 2620.00 to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund to aid victims of the September 18 earthquake.


International Day of Non-violence Is Topic of Intercollegiate Debate in India

September 30, 2011

New Delhi, India - The UN Information Centre for India and Bhutan and UPF-India organized programs on Sept. 27 and 30, 2011, in commemoration of the UN International Day of Peace and the UN International Day of Non-violence.


Day of Peace Observed in Delhi, Lucknow, and Gangtok

September 21, 2011

New Delhi, India - UPF-India organized observances the UN International Day of Peace in several parts of the nation including an intercollegiate footbal tournament and an intercollegiate debate on the theme "Non-violence for Sustainable Peace: Is It Relevant Today?"


Poem: Together, If We Come

September 21, 2011

Hyderabad, India - It is with utmost delight I take the opportunity to attach my poem in commemoration of the United Nations International Day of Peace, September 21, 2011.


Religious Youth Service Builds Vegetable Garden at a School in Kochi, India

August 16, 2011

Kochi, India - A Religious Youth Service project Aug. 9-15, 2011, included planting fruit trees and a vegetable garden at a school in Kochi, India, cleaning an athletic field, training in communication and peacebuilding skills, and visits to religious and cultural sites.


New Delhi Forum on Securing Our Future

July 8, 2011

New Delhi, India - UPF-India organized a forum on “Securing Our Future: A Call for Transformational Leadership” at the India International Center on July 8. The Hon. Minister of Government of India, Sri Salman Khurshid, graced the occasion as Chief Guest, and Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, Member of Parliament from Nepal, was Guest of Honor.


Day of Families Observed in Sikkim and Uttar Pradesh

May 15, 2011

Sikkim and Uttar Pradesh, India - The Sikkim State Chapter of UPF-India organized a program in a government secondary school hall in Tharpu, West District on May 13 and the Uttar Pradesh State Cahpter organized a program in the District Office Conference Hall on May 15.


Interfaith Prayers in New Delhi for Japan

April 11, 2011

New Delhi, India - More than 250 people attended an interfaith prayer meeting in New Delhi on April 11, 2011, for those who lost their lives as a result of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.


Prayers in Sikkim for Disaster Victims in Japan

March 20, 2011

Gangtok, Sikkim, India - UPF-India organized an outdoor prayer ceremony in Gangtok on March 19 for victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The UPF-Sikkim committee was joined by the Mayor of Gangtok and devotees of Brahma Kumaris.


International Women's Day Observed in Sikkim

March 9, 2011

Gangtok, Sikkim, India - Speakers at the March 8 observance of International Women's Day included government officials and educators.


Centenary of Women's Day Celebrated in New Delhi

March 7, 2011

New Delhi, India – UPF-India observed the International Women’s Day in collaboration with United Nations Information Center in India and Bhutan, the Guild for Service, and Women’s Federation for World Peace-India on the theme of “Equal Access to Education, Training and Science and Technology Pathway to Decent Work for Women” at the UN Conference Hall in New Delhi on March 7.


Interfaith Harmony Week Celebrated in New Delhi

February 7, 2011

New Delhi, India - In support of UN World Interfaith Harmony Week, UPF-India invited youth from many backgrounds to join in interfaith prayers for peace and a cleaning project on February 6. The program was chaired by Ambassador for Peace and Vice Principal of St. Stephen’s College of Delhi University, Rev. Clement Rajakumar. Approximately 30 youth leaders from different faiths attended the program.


Interreligious Consultation in New Delhi

January 11, 2011

New Delhi, India - UPF-India organized a consultation meeting on interfaith cooperation on Jan. 11, 2011, at the prestigious Goa State House Meeting Hall.