Peace Tour Inaugurates UPF in India

November 24, 2005

New Delhi, India - Dr. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon were welcomed to New Delhi by Dr. L.M. Singhvi, Hon. Eduardo Faleiro, Lama Lobsang, V.V. Augustine, and Ursula McLackland welcomed them at the airport.  


Chennai Hosts Regional Religious Youth Service Project

September 30, 2005

Chennai, India—Forty young, enthusiastic volunteers representing five religions assembled in Chennai Sept. 23-30, 2005 to take part in values education and to build bathrooms at an orphanage


Case Study of Conflict Resolution: Mahatma Gandhi

September 12, 2005

Gandhi built the notion of satyagraha (the power of truth, translated as non-violence in Western languages) based on the ancient concept of ahimsa (the refusal to harm). Gandhi believed that there is a common truth to humanity, which is veiled or hidden when there is conflict, and that nonviolence is the way to restore this truth.


Leadership Seminars on India's Legacy of Faith, Family and Peace

May 15, 2005

The idea for a national tour on the theme of India's Common Legacy of Faith, Family and Peace was conceived during a International Leadership Convocation held in Washington, DC in April.


Seminar in Goa on Interreligious Reconcilation

March 20, 2005

The eleventh annual “All Religions Seminar for World Peace” was convened on March 20, 2005, at an ashram just outside the state of Goa, India


Indian Athletes Participate in Interreligious Festival

August 30, 2004

It was a great privilege for me to the International Peace Sports Festival (IPSF) as staff, accompanying teams from Delhi, Chennai and Sikkim, representing three different states and regions of India. In total there were 68 participants from India. Our individual participants performed well.


Learning from the Lingayat Tradition

June 28, 2004

Dr. Shivamurthy Shivacharya, head of the Taralabalu Ashram of the Lingayat tradition, hosted a family summer camp at his ashram in Sirigere from May 26-31, 2004.


RYS Helps Create Peace Among Religions in India

December 14, 2003

New Delhi, IndiaHosted by Chetanalaya, a social action NGO of the Catholic Diocese of New Delhi, RYS volunteers offered their labor in building a community center which served both the Muslim and Hindu Residents of Janta Colony in Jaffarabad. The efforts drew the cooperation from both communities in laying the foundation stones and stimulated further work together for community improvements.


Roads Widened in India with RYS

February 25, 1996

Karukutty, Kerala, South India— RYS worked on widening rural village roads along with local villages based on the foundation of Gramswaraj, a Gandhian rural development outreach based at the Mohatma Gandhi University.


RYS-India Constructs New Wing at a Boarding School

October 3, 1994

Madurai, India— The participants worked on the construction of a new wing at a boarding school for Harijan children and help work on landscaping the area so it is safer for the children to play.


RYS Clears Grounds and Restores Light at a School in India

January 9, 1994

Bangalore, India— The small and enthusiastic group of RYS volunteers cleared grounds and worked on light restoration at a school for Spastic Children.


RYS Peace Festival in South India

August 31, 1993

Madurai, South India— The RYS Peace Festival was a unique event for the RYS as it was a week full of local and community based events which involved the schools of the community in a variety of activities.


RYS Global Congress International Project

February 13, 1993

New Delhi, India—The RYS Global Congress (RYSGF) centered on ten unique week long seminars. The ten workshops were led by the most experienced and qualified advisors and graduates from the RYS and its sister project, The Youth Seminar for the World Religion's (YSWR).


RYS has International Alumni Leadership Training in India

March 4, 1992

Vrindaban, India—The RYS participants worked to restore and paint old Hindu temple and spent much time excavating sacred monuments at a burial site that were covered by the passage over hundreds of years.


RYS-India Restores Temple and Excavates Sacred Monuments

March 2, 1992

Vrindaban, India—The RYS participants worked to restore and paint old Hindu temple and spent much time excavating sacred monuments at a burial site that were covered by the passage over hundreds of years.


RYS-India Paves Roads and Builds Facilities for St. Joseph's Elementary School

October 1, 1991

Cochin, Kerela, India—This project had a powerful impact on the Kochin and India interfaith community because of its linkage to the WFIRC interfaith meeting. Several interfaith leaders in the Kerala area were moved by the RYS and they helped make a foundation for further activities in that state.


RYS-India Restores Parts of a Famous School

November 7, 1990

Madras, India—From October 25 to November 7, substantial work was carried out in extending classrooms and restoring part of a famous old school.


RYS Repairs Methodist Church and Dehli Mosque in India

January 11, 1989

New Dehli, India— RYS participants worked from January 4th to the 11th to restore parts of a Methodist Church and also repaired portions of a Delhi mosque to model the cooperation between people of faith.