Montreal Interfaith Forum: The Principles of Christian Science

February 20, 2013

Montreal, Canada - On the extremely cold evening of Feb. 19, 2013, several brave Ambassadors for Peace gathered at the Church of Christ Scientist in Montreal learn about the principles of Christian Science.


Interfaith Harmony Week Observed in Montreal

January 28, 2013

Montreal, Canada - In support of World Interfaith Harmony Week, UPF-Montreal gathered on the evening of January 28. After some reflections about the worldwide promotion of Interfaith Harmony Week, Mr. Anthony Mansour, of the Orthodox Church in Montreal and former President of the Canadian Center for Ecumenism, gave a presentation on pluralism.


UPF-Toronto Launches a New Year

January 12, 2013

Toronto, Canada - In their first meeting of the new year, on January 12, Toronto Ambassadors for Peace focused on the birth month of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) and discussed the providence of restoration.


Toronto Conference on Divine Perspective on Human Rights

December 1, 2012

Toronto, Canada - On the foundation of seminars encouraging interreligious and intercultural dialogue throughout Canada during the past couple of decades, the Women’s Federation for World Peace and UPF-Canada held a conference on "Educating for Peace: Divine Perspective on Human Rights" on December 1.


Exploring a New Vision for Canada

November 10, 2012

Toronto, Canada - Auth. Qamrul Khanson welcomed participants to the November 10 Ambassadors for Peace in the greater Toronto area and introduced Rev. Franco Famularo, Secretary General of UPF-Canada.


UPF-Toronto Welcomes Nepalese Delegation

October 13, 2012

Toronto, Canada - Distinguished delegates from Nepal were featured guests of UPF at a meeting in Toronto on October 13, giving a briefing about the transition of this Himalayan nation from a monarchy to a democracy.


Interfaith Activities Planned in Montreal

June 18, 2012

Montreal, Canada - Ambassadors for Peace gathered in Montreal on June 18, 2012, to listen to reports about the conference on the family held in Toronto ten days earlier and plan future interfaith activities.


Toronto Conference Draws on Global Wisdom for Strengthening Families

June 10, 2012

Toronto, Canada - UPF-Canada held a joint conference with the Women's Federation for World Peace in Toronto on June 9 on Promoting Strong Family Values as a Foundation for a Peaceful Nation in support of the UN International Day of Families.


A.P. La Barge: Youth and Family Challenges in Canada

June 9, 2012

From a policing perspective, families play integral role in community safety and crime prevention.  Good child rearing stops crime from ever happening in the first place. But childrearing has always taken place within a group or village setting.


A. Jiwani: Strong Family Values as a Foundation for a Peaceful Nation

June 9, 2012

Today’s occasion reminds us that the Canadian family is a basic and natural unit which plays a crucial role in nurturing and caring for individual family members, from children, to youth, to men and women. We are here today to remind all Canadians about the need for this unit to remain solid and for its members to work together in an effort to build strong and vibrant communities.


Day of Families Observed at a Forum in Montreal

May 16, 2012

Montreal, Canada - The International Day of Families forum at Hotel Ruby Foos in Montreal on May 16 included a talk given by Ambassador for Peace John Linden on the challenges of intercultural and inter-racial marriage.


Toronto Interfaith Forum: God's Providence

May 6, 2012

Toronto, Canada - The chair of UPF in the greater Toronto area, Dr. Hoossen Auckbaraullee, appraised Ambassadors for Peace about his trip to Mauritius, Rev. Mitch Dixon discussed arrangements for the forthcoming 2012 National Conference in Toronto, and Mr. Victor Martinez lectured on “God’s Providence.”


Forum in Toronto on Women's Dignity

April 14, 2012

Toronto, Canada – Universal Peace Federation and Women’s Federation for World Peace organized a forum on ‘Awakening the Dignity of Women’ in Toronto, Canada, on April 14.


Updates of UPF Activities Given at Montreal Meeting

March 21, 2012

Montreal, Canada - Ambassadors for Peace in Montreal gathered for their monthly meeting on March 21. The focus was on providing a report of recent activities internationally through a pictorial presentation of the conference in Korea held in late January and efforts to support Interfaith Harmony Week worldwide. Rev. James Pratt and Mr. Ralph Gaudet, a veteran of the Korean War, were appointed as Ambassadors for Peace during the meeting.


Interfaith Harmony Week Commemorated in Montreal

February 20, 2012

Montreal, Canada - Canadian Ambassadors for Peace and friends gathered in Montreal on February 20 in support of World Interfaith Harmony Week by reading prayers from the sacred scriptures of Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Native traditions and more. Important commentary by academicians, religious and political leaders such as Martin Luther King, the Dalai Lama, Hans Kung, and others set the tone for a lively exchange of testimonies and reflections on the meaning of peace.


Montreal Interfaith Forum: The Power of Forgiveness in Montreal

January 11, 2012

Montreal, Canada - A presentation on the life and works of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a North American peacemaking pioneer, highlighted a forum on Jan. 11, 2012 in Montreal.


Radio Program on the Common Values of the Abrahamic Faiths Wins Award

January 9, 2012

Ottawa, Canada - Ernest G. Tannis, LL.B., C.Med., won a national award from the Canadian Ethnic Media Association for an episode of his radio show on Alternative Dispute Resolution entitled "Common Values of the Abrahamic Faiths."


Toronto Interfaith Forum: On Relationship with God

January 7, 2012

Toronto, Canada - A January 7 forum on the theme of "The Relationship with God" opened a new year of monthly meetings of the Central District Chapter of UPF-Canada.


Toronto Interfaith Forum: On Behavior and Attitude

December 10, 2011

Toronto, Canada - At the monthly meeting of Ambassadors for Peace on December 10, Author Qamrul A. Khanson showed two video clips which highlighted the importance of attitude and offered his thoughts on the topic. The lively discussion that followed led to consideration of various ways to help the needy.


Building Relationships in Western Canada

November 28, 2011

Vancouver, Canada - UPF in Western Canada hosted an Ambassador for Peace forum, and a representative spoke at a dinner hosted by the Inter-Faith World Peace Society and at a mosque in North Vancouver.