Book Release: Alternative Dispute Resolution and 18 Life-Lessons in Problem Solving

February 22, 2011

Ottawa, Canada - Two new books on conflict resolution are available: Alternative Dispute Resolution That Works? and Is Everyone at the Table? 18 Life Lessons in Problem-Solving.


Montreal Interfaith Forum: Acceptance of Interfaith - The Next Step

February 21, 2011

Montreal, Canada - In the spirit of World Interfaith Harmony Week, UPF-Canada hosted Dr. Frank Kaufmann on Feb. 21, 2011, speaking on the theme of “Acceptance of Interfaith – the Next Step.”


Interfaith Harmony Week Ceremony in Toronto

January 29, 2011

Toronto, Canada - A World Interfaith Harmony Week celebration was organized by the Central District Chapter of UPF-Canada on January 29 in Toronto. A solemn ceremony promoting interfaith harmony was followed by a presentation by Rev. Earl Smith on human rights.


Interfaith Harmony Week in Montreal

January 26, 2011

Montreal, Canada - The World Interfaith Harmony Week was observed on January 26 in Montreal with readings from various faith traditions, a report by Sikhs advocating for religious rights for minorities, and a speech by a Ghanaian Lutheran minister about what his mother taught him about getting along with people from different cultures.


World Interfaith Harmony Week Celebrated in Ottawa

January 25, 2011

Ottawa, Canada - In support of Interfaith Harmony Week the National Capital Peace Council of the Universal Peace Federation met on January 25 to hear the Chair of the Capital Region Interfaith Council, Father Jacques Kabangu, speak on “Social Sin: How All Believers Can Unite to Eradicate Institutional Evil.”


On-line Campaign for a Canadian Department of Peace

January 6, 2011

Ottawa, Canada - UPF-Canada Ambassador for Peace Bill Bhaneja is active in the campaign to establish a Department of Peace in Canada. He invites signatures of support for an online petition campaign.


UPF-Montreal Begins 10th Year of Monthly Meetings

November 24, 2010

Montreal, Canada - UPF-Montreal began year ten of monthly meetings with a November 24 gathering devoted to Women’s Perspectives on Peace. Three women of diverse backgrounds religiously, culturally, abd ethnicly were asked to offer insights.


Toronto Interfaith Forum: Understanding Scripture

November 13, 2010

Toronto, Canada - UPF’s monthly meeting on November 13 addressed topics related to a broader understanding of different religions. Rev. Mitch Dixon talked about the scriptures of various religions, Abdul R. Qureshi presented a brief lecture on the Patriarch Abraham (peace be upon him), and Earl Smith talked about the common value of peace through the teachings of Scientology. Dr. Hoossen Auckberaullee appraised the members about ongoing UPF activities within the Central District of UPF-Canada.


UPF-Toronto's October 2010 Meeting

October 16, 2010

Toronto, Canada - The October 16 meeting of the UPF-Canada Central District included readings from World Scripture and information about principles of health, followed by reports about a visit to Saudi Arabia and participating in a UPF Interfaith Assembly in Korea.


Vancouver Interfaith Forum: Promoting Tolerance and Interfaith Solidarity

September 30, 2010

Vancouver, Canada - Under the theme of "Tolerance, Religious Freedom and Interfaith Solidarity in times of Intolerance, Religious Bigotry and Chaos," UPF-Western Canada gathered Ambassadors for Peace and friends for a stimulating and intense discussion on September 30.


Consultation in Ottawa on a Proposed Interreligious Council at the UN

August 27, 2010

Ottawa, Canada - With the objective of creating a Canadian working group to promote an interreligious council both at the UN and in Canada, Ambassadors for Peace met in Ottawa on Aug. 26, 2010.


Colors of Peace Festival in Western Canada

August 26, 2010

Richmond, Canada - Music, contests, and family themes drew 3,000 people to UPF-Canada's second annual "Colors of Peace Festival" at the Richmond Night Market near Vancouver on August 28.


Honoring a Legacy of Peace in Toronto

August 8, 2010

Toronto, Canada - The Universal Peace Federation’s Central District of Canada held a Legacy of Peace event on August 8. About 90 members of UPF's Central District including 70 Ambassadors for Peace gathered in High Park to honor peace heroes who did their part to establish a legacy of peace.


Review of UPF-Canada's Accomplishments

July 10, 2010

Toronto, Canada - At its first monthly meeting after the annual UPF-Canada conference in Ottawa on June 3, the central district established a committee to provide added support to UPF leadership for the establishment of an interreligious council.


Shazaad Mohammed Accompanies Mike Tyson on Visit to Saudi Arabia

July 6, 2010

Toronto, Canada - An Ambassador of Peace of UPF-Canada's Central District, Sheikh Shazaad Mohammed, accompanied former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson on his first pilgrimage to Mecca and the holy sites in Saudi Arabia. Mike Tyson arrived in Medina August 20 as part of a series of visits organized by the Canadian Dawa Association, headed by Sheikh Shazaad.


Little Angels Korean Folk Ballet Performs in Ottawa

June 20, 2010

Ottawa, Canada - They came, they saw, they conquered … Canadian hearts. The Little Angels visit to Ottawa was a wonderful, emotional, breath-taking, tearful, whirlwind experience. The Little Angels captivated all those they met and who saw them perform.


F. Sherman: The Future of the Black Canadian Family in Canada

June 4, 2010

Though our challenges are fearsome, so are our strengths as part of a diverse, cosmopolitan Canadian family! But, we cannot always dwell on the developmental strains of the past.  Rather we must acknowledge past mistakes, embrace the present, and execute pragmatically for the future.


UPF-Canada Annual Conference: Making Families Work

June 3, 2010

Ottawa, Canada - Ambassadors for Peace from across Canada gathered in Ottawa, the nation’s capital, on June 3 to discuss the importance of the family and the UPF proposal for an interreligious council at the United Nations.


E. Mukabagwiza: The Future of the Black Canadian Family

June 3, 2010

I appreciate what Universal Peace Federation is doing to work for peace. It is an appeal to everybody to have and make peace. But you will agree with me that, with all my respect to all peace warriors, that to be successful in bringing peace, in making peace for others, you need peace in your heart, peace in your family, peace in your neighborhood, peace in your community. For you cannot give what you don’t have!


Making Canada's Families Work - Conference Reflections

June 3, 2010

Ottawa, Canada - "You can`t talk about peace unless you have peace in your heart, your neighborhood and community," H.E. Edda Mukabagwiza, the High Commissioner of Rwanda to Canada, told the June 3 UPF-Canada conference on Making Canadian Families Work. "You can`t give what you don`t have!"