Toronto Interfaith Forum: On Morality

November 19, 2011

Toronto, Canada - At the monthly meeting of Ambassadors for Peace in the Toronto area on November 19, A.R. Qureshi spoke on the topic of morality.


Montreal Interfaith Forum: Jewish Perspectives on Interfaith

October 17, 2011

Montreal, Canada - Rabbi Jacob Levy of Congregation Beth Rambam addressed the monthly meeting of UPF-Montreal on the topic of the "Age of Shabbat" on Oct. 17, 2011.


Toronto Interfaith Forum: The Rise and Fall of Nations

October 15, 2011

Toronto, Canada - The monthly meeting of Ambassadors for Peace from the greater Toronto area took place on October 15 on the topic "The Rise and Fall of Nations."


M.P. Barry: Advancing the Bering Strait Tunnel Project in the United States and Canada

October 4, 2011

This paper investigates potential avenues of encouraging the United States and Canada (federal and local governments as well as their business and NGO communities) to consider building in stages a Bering Strait tunnel, connecting Alaska and Russia.


Day of Peace Observed in Montreal

September 22, 2011

Montreal, Canada - UPF-Canada's commemoration of the International Day of Peace in Montreal on Sept. 22, 2011, featured readings and reflections from several religious traditions.


UPF-Toronto Offers Prayers for 9/11 Victims

September 11, 2011

Toronto, Canada - The Universal Peace Federation and the Toronto Family Church organized a program in remembrance of the victims of the September 11 terror attacks.


Toronto Interfaith Forum: On Leadership

August 6, 2011

Toronto, Canada - Dr. Hoossen Auckberaullee welcomed attendees to the August 6 meeting of UPF-Toronto. Rev. Earl Smith presented a talk on the topic of the Rise and Fall of Inadequate Leaders, which was the last of the series of talks on that topic given during the past months.


Toronto Interfaith Forum: The Rise and Fall of Leadership

July 9, 2011

Toronto, Canada - A.R. Qureshi was the featured speaker in UPF-Toronto's July 9 monthly meeting on topic of "The Rise and Fall of Inadequate Leadership." Human history is full of trial and error, he said. There is no reason to be surprised at what it has taken to reach a stage where we all stand today as a human community.


Colors of Peace Festival in Vancouver

July 1, 2011

Vancouver, Canada - In what has become an annual event, the Colors of Peace Festival was held on July 1 in Richmond, British Columbia. The theme chosen this year was “Celebrate Canada Peace Festival,” as it was held on Canada Day, a national holiday commemorating the Canadian Confederation in 1867. The program included speeches followed by songs and dances by performers from various cultures.


Toronto Interfaith Forum: The Rise and Fall of Leaders

June 11, 2011

Toronto, Canada - On June 11, an event was organized by UPF Central District (Canada) to listen the talk by Author Qamrul Khanson on the topic of the "Rise and Fall of Inadequate Leaders." This is an ongoing series of talks which is being held to learn in depth knowledge of political upheaval in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.


Interfaith Park Clean-up in Montreal

May 23, 2011

Montreal, Canada - The Canadian Center for Ecumenism and the Center for Jewish-Christian Dialogue organized an interfaith clean-up at Mackenzie King Park in Montreal on May 23, 2011.


Day of Families Observed in Montreal

May 18, 2011

Montreal, Canada - UPF-Montreal's observance of the International Day of Families on May 18 began with a reading of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s message for this year that concludes with a resolution to “support families as they nurture the young, care for the old and foster strong communities built on tolerance and dignity for all.”


Un modèle d’harmonie inter-religieuse

April 18, 2011

Montreal, Canada - Le lundi 18 avril 2011 à l’hôtel Ruby Foo’s de Montréal a eu lieu la rencontre inter-religieuse francophone de la section locale de la FPU Canada. Le conférencier, M. Mohammed Chraibi, imam d’une grande congrégation à Laval, au nord de Montréal, nous a entretenu de l’universalité de la foi islamique, plus particulièrement en ce qui concerne les religions du livre, c’est-à-dire le judaïsme, le christianisme et l’islam.


Montreal Interfaith Forum: Models of Interfaith Harmony

April 18, 2011

Montreal, Canada - The imam of a large congregation north of Montreal discussed Islam in relation to the other “religions of the book," i.e., Judaism and Christianity at an April 18, 2011 forum in Montreal.


Inter-religious Multicultural Family Festival in Toronto

April 17, 2011

Toronto, Canada - The Universal Peace Federation in Toronto celebrated its fourth annual Inter-Religious Multicultural Family Festival on April 17. Guests of honor included a local police chief and mayor.


Poem: Universal Peace Federation

March 30, 2011

All are for God the Creator, loving Lord
We seek to be family under loving God.


Ottawa Interfaith Forum: Leadership According to Islam

March 22, 2011

Ottawa, Canada - The National Capital Peace Council of UPF-Ottawa met to listen to former Executive Director of the Canadian Islamic Congress, Dr. Zijad Delic, speak about True Leadership in the Context of the Middle East. Given the context of current developments in the Middle East and North Africa, his presentation sparked a lively discussion.


Montreal Interfaith Forum: Toward Peace among Religions

March 16, 2011

Montreal, Canada - After a moment of silent prayer for the earthquake and tsunami victims in Japan, the executive director of the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism addressed UPF-Montreal's March 16, 2011 interfaith forum.


Toronto Interfaith Forum: On Leadership

March 13, 2011

Toronto, Canada - Dr. Hussein Auckberaullee opened the monthly meeting of UPF-Toronto by expressing his deep sadness over the tsunami which hit Japan resulting in the deaths of thousands of people. People held hands and stood in silence to show solidarity with the people of Japan who are facing this dreadful challenge.


Working to Resolve Historic Injustices in Western Canada

February 28, 2011

Vancouver, Canada - Bill Chu, founder of Canadians for Reconciliation, spoke to the Vancouver chapter of UPF on February 28 about his many years of work to redress present and historical injustices between Canadian society, First Nation natives, and Chinese.