UPF-Vienna Commemorates Jerusalem Declaration

May 26, 2013


Vienna, Austria - An interreligious Sunday Service was conducted in Vienna on May 26 to commemorate the signing of the Jerusalem Declaration 10 years ago by religious leaders during the first “Middle East Peace Initiative” conference in Jerusalem.111


Day of Families Observed in Vienna

May 14, 2013

Vienna, Austria - A May 14 presentation on "The Role of the Family in Today's Israel" by Dr. Walter Baar marked the International Day of Families in Vienna.


Syrian Christians in Austria Torn between Despair and Hope for Peace

April 16, 2013

Vienna, Austria -  UPF-Austria held a panel discussion on April 16 on the current situation in Syria. Sixty people attended, among them quite a few Syrians of different faiths, convictions, and loyalties living in Vienna. If the rebels in Syria come to power, the Christians in the audience said, they fear that previous guarantees of religious freedom would be lost.


Conference at the UN Center in Vienna on Preventing Violence Against Women

March 28, 2013

Vienna, Austria - A conference on Leadership Challenges of the 21st Century: The Prevention of Violence against Women and Femicide took place at the Vienna International Center on March 28, 2013.


Vienna Youth Forum Addresses Stereotypes

March 12, 2013

Vienna, Austria - "Beyond Fears and Stereotypes" was the theme of a Vienna Youth Forum on March 12. It was inspired by the theme of the Youth Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilization conference in February on migration, integration, and innovative ways to tell the story of globalization. 


W. Fasslabend: Address to World Summit 2013

February 24, 2013

Commentary on Peace, Security, and Human Development


Interfaith Harmony Week Observed at the UN International Center in Vienna

February 8, 2013

Vienna, Austria - UPF-Austria organized a World Interfaith Harmony Week event at the International Center in Vienna Feb. 8, 2013, on the theme of Cooperating among Religions for a Culture of Peace.


A Slovakian Christmas Celebration in Vienna

December 17, 2012

Vienna, Austria - On Sunday afternoon, December 16, UPF-Austria held the last of five concerts which were sponsored by the cultural department of the City of Vienna. It was also a Christmas celebration closing the year's activities of UPF in Vienna under the theme “Slovakian Christmas.”


Vienna Youth Forum: The Role of the Media in a Pluralistic World

December 11, 2012

Vienna, Austria - In advance of the UN Alliance of Civilizations Youth Forum in Vienna in February 2013, Youth UPF-Austria hosted a panel discussion on "The Role of the  Media in a Pluralistic World" on Dec. 11, 2012.


Vienna Youth Forum: A New Religious Pluralism?

November 20, 2012

Vienna, Austria - In advance of the February 2013 UN Alliance of Civilizations Youth Forum in Vienna, the UPF-Austria Youth Committee organized a forum on religious pluralism on Nov. 20, 2012. 


Conference at the UN Headquarters in Vienna on Europe-Russia Partnership

October 13, 2012

Vienna, Austria - The Vienna International Center was the setting for the first day of an International Leadership Conference on the theme of "Europe and Russia - Partners in a Globalized World" Oct. 12-13, 2012.


Conference at UN Headquarters in Vienna on Culture and Sustainable Development

July 6, 2012

Vienna, Austria - A conference on “Culture as a Basic Element for Sustainable Development and Human Rights” took place at the Vienna International Centre July 6, 2012.


Vienna Youth Forum: Experiencing Different Cultures

June 2, 2012

Vienna, Austria - Building the April 12 forum on Exploring Global Citizenship, Youth UPF Austria and AIESEC organized a workshop with the topic “Exchanging Experiences with Different Cultures” on June 2.


Day of Families Observed at a Forum in Vienna

May 15, 2012

Vienna, Austria - UPF-Austria celebrated the International Day of Families with a forum on the theme of Ensuring Work Family Balance at the UPF headquarters on May 15. Dr. Walter Baar, from the Institute for Trends Research, spoke on Family and the World of Work: Successful European Models.


UPF-Austria Honored for Organizing Events in Vienna

May 9, 2012

Vienna, Austria - UPF was among the 300 organizers of international congresses in Vienna last year honored at the Vienna City Hall on May 9.


W. Lichem: Capacity for Otherness in Pluri-Identity Societies

April 14, 2012

The response to the challenges of the 21st century of societal disintegration is not to be found in inter-civilizational “dialogues” but in the operationalisation of the development of a universally shared culture in all societies based on common values and behavioural patterns providing human dignity, freedom from marginalisation and exclusion, humiliation, hatred and consequent intra-societal violence.


Vienna Youth Forum: Exploring Global Citizenship

April 13, 2012

Vienna, Austria - Following up on the international youth conference during the UN International Year of Youth last July about youth perspectives on peace, the Youth-UPF Austria organized an April 12 forum on “Exploring Global Citizenship.”


Vienna Youth Forum: Celebrating World Interfaith Harmony Week

February 9, 2012

Vienna, Austria - UPF-Austria organized a World Interfaith Harmony Week commemoration on January 22 and a youth forum about world religions on February 9.


UPF Offers a Nordic Christmas Program in Vienna

December 18, 2011


Vienna, Austria - UPF in Austria has established a tradition to invite a country or region of the world to share its Christmas traditions for the annual Christmas event. In this way has audience has enjoyed the Christmas spirit of Russia, Brazil, and Africa during recent years. This year it was the turn of the Nordic countries of northern Europe.


Conference in Vienna on Interreligious Dialogue

December 8, 2011

Vienna, Austria - A Dec. 8, 2011, conference in Vienna on "Interreligious Dialogue: The Role of the United Nations and Peace in the 21st Century" featured speeches and music.