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Commemoration in New Zealand of Rev. Sun Myung Moon's Legacy

Auckland, New Zealand - The true worth of a man cannot be seen in his life alone; but in the legacy that follows after it. On Aug. 2014, the entire body of organizations of the Unification Movement in New Zealand commemorated the second anniversary of the passing its founder, Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon, at an evening banquet at Quality Hotel Parnell, attended by people of various races, religions and backgrounds who came in order to pay tribute and give their respect to a great leader who had selflessly lived for the sake of others.

The dinner was attended by 121 guests and Unification Movement members, and was hosted by Mr. Geoffrey Prentice as the master of ceremonies. It was opened in prayer by Rev. Bob McKay, an Anglican priest and an Ambassador for Peace, who spoke of his unyielding efforts for interfaith harmony and hoped that despite the different traditions people came from, his good works will be carried on by everyone present.

The honorary guest for the night, Mr. Whatumoana Paki, the eldest son of the current Maori King in New Zealand, along with his entourage greeted the banquet after the prayer. He, along with his assistant Mr. Oscar Brad Totowera, manager of Te Waananga O Aotearoa; Rev. Julius Gicole, director of UPF-New Zealand; and Dr. David Buckley, chief executive officer of Marvelous Lovely Power Company, attended UPF’s 2014 World Summit in South Korea later in the month to discuss issues of peace, security and development all around the world. His decision to represent the Maori people of New Zealand at the summit was a proactive effort to promote peace.

Still, there was more to come. Mr. Geoffrey Fyers, secretary general of UPF-New Zealand, expressed his gratitude for Father Moon’s teachings on the importance of family; how it is intrinsically connected to God’s main purpose for human beings and how it bridges humanity together, because a family is a common foundation of everyone. This was followed by a video presentation of Father Moon’s life; his humble beginnings, sufferings, and the many victories he had accomplished as a result of his perseverance amidst all his hardships. Many were touched by what he endured for the sake of his ideals for humanity.

Mr. Morrin Cooper, another Ambssador for Peace and former mayor of Howick, echoed the appreciation for the ideals that Father Moon had envisioned. He felt that PEACE could be achieved when People give their Energy and Appreciation to become the giver instead of the receiver; and in spite of all the Challenges, continue to devote endless Efforts for the sake of the people around them. He encouraged everyone present to devote themselves for the sake of others.

On a similar note, Mr. Gul Zaman, Ambassador for Peace and president of Counties Manukau Multi-Cultural Council, shared the inspirations he received reading from Father Moon’s autobiography about the many contradictions, conflicts and wars that occur around the world in the name of religion. He emphasized the need for people from different religions to focus on their shared moral values that would resonate positively for humanity, instead of fighting over their differences.

Mr. Gerald Trass; Ambassador for Peace, UPF-New Zealand program director and team owner of Trass Family Motorsport, shared briefly about Father Moon’s spiritual journey.

Rev. Julius Gicole conveyed closing words empahsizing the ideals that Rev. Moon had dedicated his entire life for, the ideals that give hope, the ideals that brought everyone together that evening.