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An Eye-Opener for Solomon Islanders

Out of many nations Solomon Islands was chosen to be the host of the Global Peace Festival 2008 in Oceania. What a blessing! Despite heavy criticisms from various groups, thousands came and attended. This is such a miracle!


In the media, people had expressed appreciation for the event's theme of "One Family under God." A lot of questions have been raised by individuals why people had tried to stop them from coming when they saw how beautiful the event was, demonstrating true unity as "One Family under God." In fact, the GPF really opened people's minds.

The response by people to the GPF gave me great joy. The GPF broadened my knowledge and gave me new experiences, inasmuch as this event is the first of its kind to be held in the Solomon Islands. To see people from other countries coming to the GPF impressed me very much, especially the youth who had given their time voluntarily for the GPF. The GPF, after all, is telling us that peace cannot just come from an individual but must be realized as a group of individuals coming together as One Family under God.